Kinvara Hanratty

Kinvara Hanratty is the second wife of Jasper Chiswell and is thirty years his junior. She is described as being a curvaceous redhead with a “high-pitched, girlish voice” and a history of being hospitalized for “nervous exhaustion.”

Kinvara’s stepdaughters, Izzy and Fizzy Chiswell, call her by the disparaging nickname “TTS” or “Tinky the Second,” referencing their grandfather’s horrible last wife, Tinky. Like Tinky the First, Kinvara is obsessed with horses — owning nine of them — and she is believed by her stepdaughters to only be after their father’s money. They also view Kinvara as being “hysterical and attention-seeking.”

Courtesy of @KateCostume

Kinvara suffered a stillbirth two years before the events in Lethal White take place, an experience she is understandably still very sensitive about. She often reports that men come into the woods by Chiswell House in Woolstone, Oxfordshire, to harm her horses. None of the Chiswells believes her claims, instead thinking they are a product of Kinvara’s emotional instability.

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