Geraint Winn

Geraint Ifon Winn was born on 15th July 1950 in Cardiff. He met his wife Della (Della Winn, Minister for Sport) while attending University in Cardiff.  The couple had one child together, a daughter called Rhiannon.

In the beginning of Lethal White, Jasper Chiswell identifies Geraint Winn as one of the people he believes to be blackmailing him, explaining that there’s an “enmity between us dating back many years.” In order to “get dirt” on Geraint Winn, Robin goes undercover in the House of Commons where he runs his wife’s constituency office. She takes an almost immediate dislike to Mr. Winn, saying he is “not a nice man” and a “pervert, but with creepy add-ons.”

Geraint Winn is described as a “thin, balding man who wore heavy-framed glasses” with a “lipless mouth, weak chin and a pronounced overbite.”  Robin thinks that everything about him “seems amphibian” with a “pronounced pot belly and spindly arms and legs.”

In the Lethal White TV series, Geraint is portrayed by actor Robert Pugh.