Troubled Blood Characters

Here are all the characters in Troubled Blood, the fifth novel in the Strike series. Click on the characters for more info.

Adam – Strike’s youngest nephew.

Agnes Waite – Dennis Creed’s mother.

Al Rokeby – Strike’s half-brother.

Amanda White (Laws) – Witness in the Margot Bamborough disappearance. 

Andy Hutchins – Subcontracted investigator. 

Annabel Marie Ellacott – Robin’s new niece. 

Anna Phipps – Strike and Robin’s client.

Betty (Elizabeth) Fuller – Witness in the Margot Bamborough disappearance. 

Bill Talbot – The first detective inspector who worked on the Margot Bamborough case.

Brian Tucker – Father of missing woman, Louise Tucker. 

Carl Oakden – Son of Dorothy Oakden, author of Whatever Happened to Margot Bamborough?

Charlotte Campbell – Strike’s ex-girlfriend of sixteen years.

Clare Spencer – The Athorns’ social worker.

Cormoran Strike – You know who he is.

Courtney – Friend of Jonathan Ellacott. 

Cynthia Phipps – Wife and third cousin of Anna Phipps’ father.

Dave Polworth – Strike’s oldest friend from Cornwall.

Deborah Athorn – Witness in the Margot Bamborough disappearance.

Dennis Creed – Serial killer suspected in relation to the disappearance of Margot Bamborough.

Dinesh Gupta – A doctor at the St John’s Medical Practice. Likes fig rolls.

Donna Diamond – Wife of Steven Douthwaite

Dorothy Oakden – The secretary at the St John’s Medical Practice.

Eden Richards – Daughter of Wilma Bayliss. 

Elinor Dean – Surveillance subject. 

Evelyn Phipps – Mother of Roy Phipps. 

Gemma – Shifty’s PA.

George Layborn – A detective inspector at the Met who gets hold of the old Bamborough case notes.

Gloria Conti – A receptionist at the St John’s Medical Practice; last person to see Margot alive.

Greg – Strike’s brother-in-law

Gregory Talbot – The son of Bill Talbot, the detective on the original Bamborough investigation.

Gwilherm Athorn – Father of Samhain and late husband of Deborah Athorn. 

Ilsa Herbert – Strike and Robin’s friend.

Irene Bull/Hickson – A receptionist at the St John’s Medical Practice.

Izzy Chiswell – Daughter of Jasper Chiswell, Robin’s contact. 

Jack – Strike’s favourite nephew.

Jago Ross – Husband of Charlotte Campbell.

Janice Beattie – The nurse at the St John’s Medical Practice.

Jenny Ellacott – Robin’s sister-in-law. 

Jheel Gupta – Wife of Dr. Dinesh Gupta. 

Joan Nancarrow – Strike and Lucy’s aunt, who lives in Cornwall.

Jonathan Ellacott – Robin’s youngest brother.

Jonny Rokeby – Strike’s biological father.

Joseph Brenner – A doctor at the St John’s Medical Practice.

Judith Cobbs – Robin’s divorce lawyer. 

Jules Bayliss – Husband of Wilma Bayliss.

Katie – Robin’s cousin. 

Ken Lawson – The detective who took over from Bill Talbot on the original investigation.

KerenzaA Macmillan nurse who cares for Joan.

Kevin – Son of Janice Beattie.

Kim Sullivan – Partner of Anna Phipps.

Kyle – Friend of Jonathan Ellacott. 

Leda Strike – Strike’s mother. 

Linda Ellacott – Robin’s mother.

Luca Ricci – Elder son of gangster Niccolo Ricci. 

Lucy Fantoni – Strike’s half-sister.

Luke – Strike’s oldest nephew.

Marco Ricci – Younger son of gangster Niccolo Ricci. 

Margot (Margaret) Bamborough – Having disappeared in 1974, she is the subject of Strike and Robin’s cold case.

Matthew Cunliffe – Robin’s husband, who continues to complicate the divorce.

Max Priestwood – Robin’s live-in landlord in Earl’s Court.

Maya Daughter of Wilma Bayliss. 

Michael Ellacott – Robin’s father.

Niccolo Ricci – Gangster and suspect in Margot’s disappearance. 

Nick Herbert– Strike and Robin’s friend.

Oliver Bargate – Vanessa’s fiance. 

Oonagh Kennedy – Margot’s best friend, who she was supposed to meet before she went missing.

Patricia “Pat” Chauncey – Strike and Robin’s new office manager.

Paul Satchwell – Margot Bamborough’s ex-boyfriend.

Penny Polworth – Wife of Strike’s friend Dave Polworth.

Peter Gillespie – Jonny Rokeby’s lawyer.

Porschia Dagley – Daughter of Wilma Bayliss.

Postcard – The person sending one of Strike and Robin’s clients postcards.

Prudence Donleavy – Strike’s half-sister, daughter of Jonny Rokeby.  

Robin Ellacott – You know who she is.

Roy Phipps – Anna Phipps’ father.

Sam Barclay – One of Strike and Robin’s subcontractors.

Samhain Athorn – Witness in the Margot Bamborough disappearance. 

Sarah Shadlock – Matthew’s friend from university.

Saul Morris – Strike and Robin’s new subcontractor.

Shanker– Strike’s contact to the dark side of London.

Shifty – A target who got promoted suspiciously.

Shifty’s Boss “SB” – Surveillance target. 

Stephen Ellacott – Robin’s oldest brother. 

Steve Douthwaite – A suspect in the Margot Bamborough disappearance. 

Ted Nancarrow – Strike’s uncle, who lives in Cornwall.

Theo – Potential witness/suspect in the Margot Bamborough disappearance. 

Tom Turvey – Friend of Matthew Cunliffe and fiancé of Sarah Shadlock.

Tudor Athorn Uncle of Samhain. 

Tufty – Surveillance target

Two-Times – One of Strike and Robin’s regular clients.

Vanessa Ekwensi – Detective sergeant and Robin’s friend. 

Violet Cooper – Landlord to Dennis Creed. 

Weatherman – Strike and Robin’s client. 

Wilma Bayliss – The cleaner at both the St John’s Medical Practice and the Phipps’ house.

Zahara – Daughter of Shanker’s girlfriend, Alyssa. 

Miscellaneous Characters 



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