Jago Ross

The Honorable Jago Ross, described as an “Adonis” and “handsome in the manner of an Aryan prince” (as well as an “outstanding cunt” by Strike), is Charlotte‘s previous boyfriend from when they and Strike attended Oxford University. Jago Ross hails from the Scottish aristocracy with quite a pedigree: “twelve generations of well-documented lineage,” including being the son of the Fourteenth Viscount of Croy. (And we refer to him as “Jago Ross,” rather than “Jago” or “Ross,” cuz that’s how Strike refers to him.)

Jago Ross at the time of The Cuckoo’s Calling is reported as having been divorced once with children, as well as having had “a succession of high-flying jobs, … a persistent drinking problem” and a temperament that is “vicious in the manner of an overbred, badly disciplined animal.” Jago Ross and Charlotte are connected through a network of aristocratic families, “through generations of interbreeding and old-school ties,” a connection that sees them eventually marrying in The Silkworm

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