Troubled Blood, Miscellaneous Characters

Abigail and Lindy: Mother and daughter who are friends of the Nancarrows.

Aisha: One of Dr. Gupta’s children, who is a doctor. 

Albert Shimmings: A florist who was questioned in connection to the van that was spotted near the location Margot was last seen.

Alice Talbot: Married to Gregory Talbot, the son of Bill Talbot. 

Amelia Crichton: Charlotte’s sister.

Andrea Hooton: 23-year-old victim of Dennis Creed.

Andrew Shenstone: Matthew’s attorney. 

Arnold and Rachel Sawyer: Husband and wife who own a printing company. A witness claims to have seen Margot through their window. 

Auntie Carmen: Wilma Bayliss’ sister.

Auntie May: Carl Oakden’s aunt.  

Barry Fisher: Manager at Shifty’s gym who also visits Elinor Dean’s home.

Beryl Gould: A friend of Violet Cooper’s who owned a dry-cleaning business. She employed Dennis Creed.

Blanche Doris Satchwell: Paul Satchwell’s older sister who died in 1945 at the age of 10.

Brian Satchwell: Name of a man Robin finds in her search for Paul Satchwell. 

Browning: According to Gregory Talbot, Browning was Bill Talbot’s best friend on the force.  

Bunny Lisa: A woman who worked with Margot and Oonagh at the Playboy Club.

Bunny Rita: A woman who worked with Margot and Oonagh at the Playboy Club.

Cathy: Daughter of Betty Fuller. 

Charlie Ramage: Potential witness who previously claimed to have seen Margot in Leamington Spa after her disappearance. He was noted as a wealthy man in the hot tub business. 

Charlie Ramage’s son: Could not confirm the story to Robin via phone. 

Chris: A friend of Dave Polworth’s. Polworth reminded Strike that they had once met at his daughter Rozwyn’s christening. 

Cindy: Daughter of Betty Fuller.

Colin Satchwell: Name of a man Robin finds in her search for Paul Satchwell.

Corinne Maxwell: A friend of Linda Ellacott’s. 

Daffy: A child in the Palacio Lounge café who’s annoying Strike and eventually falls and starts bleeding, prompting Strike and Robin to leave. 

Darren: One of Greg Talbot’s foster children.

Dave Underwood: He was employed by a wholefood’s shop in 1974 when Margot went missing. Robin speaks to his daughter, who confirms that he drove a van for the shop and could have been the van that was spotted in the area. 

Dopey, Pro footballer: A new client at the agency. 

Ironmonger: The downstairs neighbor of the Athorns’ who is always complaining about the them. 

Dr. Brenner’s sister: Mentioned as a spinster, she was Dr. Brenner’s alibi for the night Margot went missing. Dr. Brenner lived with her. 

Dr. Ranbir Bijral: Psychiatrist working with Dennis Creed at Broadmoor. 

Eddie Hickson: The late husband of Irene. 

Ellie: Roy and Cynthia Phipps’ daughter.

Ena Awdry: Dennis Creed’s grandmother. 

Enid Billings: Elderly patient at St. Peter’s.

Fiona Fleury (and her mother): The woman who came forward and claimed that she and her mother were the two women spotted by Ruby Elliot.

Gaby: One of Cormoran’s half siblings and Jonny Rokeby’s daughter.  

Gail Wrightman: 30-year-old victim of Dennis Creed. 

Gail’s sister: Gail Wrightman’s sister is mentioned as having “never lost hope that Gail was alive.” 

Geraldine Christie: 16-year-old victim of Dennis Creed.

Greene: A senior police officer who was apparently a friend of Charlie Ramage’s.

Gregory Talbot’s mother: She speaks to Cormoran over the phone about finding a video kept by her late husband, Bill Talbot.

Helen Wardrop: A surviving victim of Dennis Creed’s. 

Hugo Jaubert: Husband of Gloria Conti. 

Ian and Judy: Friends or family of the Nancarrows. 

Ian Restarick: Old schoolmate of Cormoran’s and Polworth’s. 

Jackie Aylett: Known victim of Dennis Creed. She was a 29-year-old secretary and mother of one.

Jayda: One of Greg Talbot’s foster children. She has a twin sister who is unnamed. 

Jen: Old friend of Betty Fuller’s who went to work for Ricci. 

Jeremy: Roy and Cynthia Phipps’ son.

Jerry Wolfson: Brother of missing woman, Kara Wolfson. 

Joanna Hammond: Previous girlfriend of Steven Douthwaite who mysteriously died. 

Johnny Marks: Young man who died.

Julie Wilkes: Old girlfriend of Steve Douthwaite’s who drowned.

Kirsty: Donna Diamond’s daughter who works with her and Steve Douthwaite at the B&B in Skegness. 

Larry: Ex of Janice Beattie and former employee of Irene’s late husband 

Lauren: Granddaughter of Brian Tucker. She accompanies him to his meeting with Robin. 

Lisa: Daughter of Brian Tucker.

Liz: Daughter of Brian Tucker.

Lord Justice McCrieff: Justice dealing with Carl Oakden’s crimes. 

Louise Tucker: Potential victim of Dennis Creed’s who went missing at 16 and was never found.

Margot’s Parents:

Marion and Gary: Friends or family from Canada of the Nancarrows. 

Marjorie: A physiotherapist from Selly Oak. Cormoran runs into her outside St. Peter’s. 

Mark Fleury: Nephew of Fiona Fleury. Spoke to Robin on the phone about his aunt’s story.

Marvin: Creed’s lead nurse at Broadmoor.

Matthew: Not THAT Matthew. This Matthew is the ex-boyfriend of Robin’s new flatmate, Max. 

Maud: Carl Oakden’s grandmother. 

Melody Bower: A nightclub singer Creed attempted to abduct. She escaped and was able to give information leading to his arrest. 

Mel Polworth: Daughter of Dave and Penny Polworth.

Michael Cleat: Former drug contact of Dennis Creed.

Michelle Greenstreet: The agency’s new hire who is set up to start work at the end of the book.

Miranda: A friend mentioned by Jonathan Ellacott’s friend Courtney. 

Miss Jones: New client of the agency who has an obvious crush on Strike. 

Mistress in Scotland (pregnant): Tufty’s pregnant mistress.

Mr. Hendricks: Paul Satchwell’s agent in 1974. Satchwell received a phone call from him at his home at the time of Margot’s disappearance. 

Mrs. Smith: A new client at the agency who thinks her husband is cheating with their nanny.

Mrs. Ramage: Charlie’s widow, who now lives in Spain. She confirmed to Robin that her husband claimed to have seen a missing woman in Leamington Spa. 

Noreen Sturrock: 28-year-old victim of Dennis Creed.

Olive Satchwell: Paul Satchwell’s mother. 

Peggy Hiskett: A 34-year-old pharmacist who was almost abducted by Creed but managed to escape.

Portia: SB’s wife. 

Ranjit: He teaches an art class that Samhain Athorn attends on Tuesdays. 

Richard Merridan: Creed’s prison psychiatrist in 1976.

Rozwyn Polworth: Daughter of Dave and Penny Polworth.

Ruby Elliot: A witness in the Bamborough case who spotted two women near a phone box while driving. 

Ruby Elliot’s daughter: Robin speaks to her about Ruby Elliot’s witness account. 

Sadie O’Keefe: Elderly patient at St. Peter’s.

Second Mrs. Tufty (Windsor wife, son and daughter): Another of Tufty’s families.

Second Mrs. Tufty’s brother: He’s called to aid the troubled second Mrs. Campion. 

Sharon: Daughter of Irene Hickson. 

Sheila Gaskins: 22-year-old victim of Dennis Creed.

Simon Legard: Charlotte’s half-brother who was once in a play with Max.

Susan Meyer: 27-year-old victim of Dennis Creed.

Tadger: A friend of Douthwaite’s with whom he used to sell drugs. 

Terry and Olive: Friends or family of the Nancarrows.

Tiago: Max’s ex-boyfriend’s new boyfriend. 

Torquey wife and two sons: One of Tufty’s families.

Twinkletoes: Nickname of a surveillance target. The client wants information on him in order to stop his daughter from seeing him. 

Two-Times: Previous client of the agency’s who is now back with a new girlfriend for them to watch. 

Two-Times’ girlfriend: A very innocent surveillance target.

Uncle Marcus: The brother-in-law of Wilma Bayliss. 

Vera Kenny: 31-year-old victim of Dennis Creed.

Vicky Hornchurch: 15-year-old victim of Dennis Creed.

Wayne Truelove: An ex-neighbor of Paul Satchwell. 

Will: Ex-boyfriend of Cynthia Phipps.

William Awdry: Dennis Creed’s biological father/step-grandfather.

Willy Lomax: A church handyman who claimed to see Margot enter the church on the night of her disappearance. 

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