Violet Cooper

Violet Hooper was the landlord to serial killer Dennis Creed in the 70s. He rented out her basement, where he ultimately tortured and killed multiple women.1 

“Her decision to rent, first a room, then the entire basement, to Dennis Creed, would cost Violet Cooper dearly. In spite of her insistence during the trial that she had no idea what was happening in the basement of her boarding house, suspicion and opprobrium have been attached to the name Violet Cooper ever since.”2

When she was alive, she was described as a “plump woman whose face has been ravaged by both time and drink.” 3 Vi Cooper explained in an interview that she believed she and Dennis had become friends, but realized it was one sided after trying to write to him in prison. 

“I knew then he hated me as much as he hated all them other women. Taunting me, he was.” 4

1-4: Troubled Blood, Chapter 9

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