Matthew Cunliffe

Matthew John Cunliffe is Robin Ellacott’s fiancé and is described, in Cormoran’s words, as a “tit”, “tosser” and a “wanker”. He is very conventionally handsome, with a square jaw and a tall, athletic physique.

Matthew and Robin met at and have been dating ever since secondary school in Masham, the Yorkshire town where they both grew up. He attended University of Bath and played rugby. Now an accountant living in the capital city, Matthew is desperate to leave behind his identity as a Yorkshireman and appear as though he is first and foremost a Londoner. This desire was engrained in him from a young age: His father is from Yorkshire and his mother from Surrey, and she ensured that Matthew and his sister, Kimberley, grew up to speak with a neutral accent — and a bit of disdain for their northern homeland.

In The Cuckoo’s Calling, it’s mentioned that Matthew has a newborn niece (whose name he often has trouble remembering).

Matthew and Robin’s relationship is characterized by quite a bit of quarreling that intensifies as the series continues. In The Cuckoo’s Calling, within the first week of Robin working for Strike, Matthew had already started to complain about her job. By Career of Evil, he’s complaining that the job has changed her, made her more independent and less willing to capitulate first during their arguments.

Cormoran Strike first meets Matthew in The Silkworm where they have dinner at a pub called The Kings Arms.

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