Courtney is a friend of Robin’s youngest brother, Jonathan. We meet Courtney when she, Jonathan and their friend Kyle, come to stay with Robin on Valentine’s Day where a disastrous dinner party unfolds. While Jonathan has previously indicated to Robin that he and Courtney were more than friends, it’s clear when we meet them that Courtney has other ideas. 

“We weren’t ever—we hooked up a couple of times,” muttered Jonathan, “but—I dunno, I think she might be into Kyle now.”

Courtney is described as an “exquisitely pretty girl” with dark eyes and long black hair and when Strike arrives, Robin notices that he “looked positively enthusiastic as he took in her looks” causing Robin to immediately feel self conscious about her own appearance. 

Courtney makes it very clear to everyone that she’s a vegan, which means that the already stressed Robin has to sort out a meal for Courtney. 

“I’m vegan,” piped up Courtney. “But I can just eat, like, pasta, or whatever.” 

While Strike may have been enthusiastic when he first met Courtney, that quickly fades as the dinner progresses and Courtney (along with Kyle) get into a heated political debate with Strike about the porn industry that includes Courtney’s plan to take place in a “SlutWalk” in order to “destigmatize and reclaim derogatory language.”  

The night never improves with both Courtney and Strike continuing the argument despite Robin’s clear discomfort. Thankfully, this is the only time we meet Courtney! 

Troubled Blood, Chapter 40 

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