“Two-Times” is the nickname Strike and Robin have for their client who has hired them now for the second time to tail a girlfriend (usually he dates blondes) who he fears is “two-timing” him. This time, his girlfriend is a young Russian lap-dancer who Strike and Robin nickname “Platinum,” for her platinum-blonde hair extensions.

Two-Times is apparently obsessed with finding out the details of his lovers’ betrayals. He wants photos of them with other men and, as Strike observes, “The main attraction is that she gives other men lap dances.”

Robin views Two-Times as a “sinister and pitiable” “weirdo.” Strike views him as a “poor, sad bastard.” Two-Times is physically described as “a paunchy middle-aged businessman, considerably wealthier than his crumpled, nondescript appearance would suggest. His face … was entirely forgettable, neither handsome nor homely.”

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