Weatherman is a television weather forecaster who hires Strike and Robin to discover who keeps sending him mysterious postcards.

“The cards made no threats; indeed, they were often no more than banal comments on the weatherman’s choice of tie, yet they gave evidence of knowing far more about the man’s movements and private life than a stranger should have.”1

Weatherman is described as a small man with reddish-brown hair, dark eyes and a possibly deceptive air of apology.” He seems flattered by the idea that he has an admirer and wonders what the woman is capable of — an idea that his wife quickly puts to rest. 

“‘Or man,’ his wife reminded him. ‘We don’t know it’s a woman, do we?’

‘No, that’s true,’ said her husband, the smile fading slowly from his face.”2

1: Troubled Blood, Chapter 7
2: Troubled Blood, Chapter 12

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