Max Priestwood

At the end of Lethal White, we’re told that Robin will soon be moving in with an old friend of Ilsa’s1, and in Troubled Blood, we are properly introduced to Max Priestwood. Ilsa attended university with Max’s younger brother.2

“Max, who was gay, was what Robin’s mother would have called ruggedly handsome: tall and broad-shouldered, with a full head of thick, dark blond hair and a perpetually weary look about his gray eyes.”

Initially, Robin finds it difficult to connect with Max. Robin attributes his constant state of gloominess and low mood to his lack of work and his recent split from his ex-boyfriend (also named Matthew).4 However, after the disastrous Valentine’s Day dinner party, Max opens up to Robin about his past and the two of them are able to bond and, hopefully, become better friends.5

Both Strike and Max really seem to enjoy each other’s company and appear to get along well. It probably helps that Max is a great cook! 6

“And before Max could ask anything else about her partner, she said quickly, ‘He’s right about your cooking, anyway. That was fantastic.’” 7

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