Betty Fuller

Betty Fuller had been a patient of St John’s Medical Practice in and around 1974. Living nearby on Skinner Street, Betty’s “main source of income was prostitution” and she was said to have known “some very rough people.” 1

When Robin finally locates her, Betty is living in a housing facility called Priory House in Clerkenwell, not far from where she lived in 1974.2 Betty is a feisty 84-year-old woman who appears to enjoy talking with Strike, but takes up against Robin almost immediately.3

“Betty Fuller looked as though she’d been subject to heavier gravity than the rest of humankind. Everything about her had sagged and drooped: the corners of her lipless mouth, her papery eyelids, her loose jowls, the tip of her thin nose. It appeared that the flesh had been sucked down out of her upper body into her lower: Betty had almost no bust, but her hips were broad and her poor bare legs were immensely swollen, both ankles thicker than her neck.”

1: Troubled Blood, Chapter 53
2-4:  Troubled Blood, Chapter 56

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