Gregory Talbot

Gregory Talbot is the son of the late DI Bill Talbot, who initially led the Margot Bambourough investigation. Gregory is “quite amenable to a chat” when Strike initially contacts him and Strike drives to Talbot’s home for the interview.

Gregory is a hospital administrator and lives in West Wickham with his wife, Alice, and their four foster children: two boys and twin girls. Gregory tells Strike that he and Alice have biological children who are grown and out of the house.2 

Gregory is helpful to Strike, even providing him with his father’s private notes on the Bamborough case3, but he’s also nervous throughout the book, worrying that his father’s mental illness and its aftermath will be brought up again and cause trouble for his family.4 

“Strike remembered Gregory’s earnest, mild face, his assertion that Bill had been a good father and his embarrassment as the conversation turned to pentagrams.”

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