The Ink Black Heart Characters

Here is a list of all the characters in The Ink Black Heart, the sixth novel in the Strike series. Click on each character for more info.

Allan Yeoman – Edie Ledwell’s agent.

Andy Hutchins – Strike and Robin’s longest-standing subcontractor who hands in his notice at the beginning of the book.

Angela Dawlish – An officer with MI5.

Bram de Jong – Nil’s trouble-maker son.

Cormoran Strike – You know who he is.

Dave Polworth – Strike’s oldest friend.

Dev Shah – The newest subcontractor at the agency.

Edie Ledwell – Co-creator of The Ink Black Heart cartoon and murder victim.

Flavia Upcott – Daughter of Katya and Inigo.

Grant Ledwell – Edie’s uncle.

Gus Upcott – Son of Katya and Inigo.

Heather Ledwell – Edie’s aunt.

Henry – Madeline’s son.

Hugh “Axeman” Jacks – A man Robin’s cousin tries to set her up with.

Ilsa Herbert – Strike and Robin’s friend.

Inigo Upcott – Husband to Katya, Josh’s rep.

Jack – Strike’s favourite nephew.

Jago Ross – Charlotte’s husband.

Joan Nancarrow – Strike’s aunt.

Jonny Rokeby – Strike’s biological father, a famous rockstar.

Joshua Blay – Co-creator of The Ink Black Heart cartoon and Edie Ledwell’s ex-boyfriend.

Katie – Robin’s favourite cousin.

Katya Upcott – Representative of Josh Blay.

Kea Niven – Ex-girlfriend of Josh Blay.

Leda Strike – Strike’s late mother.

Lucy – Strike’s half-sister.

Madeline Courson-Miles – Strike’s new girlfriend.

Mariam – Runs the North Grove Art Collective and teaches classes.

Matthew Cunliffe – Robin’s ex-husband.

Max Priestwood – Robin’s live-in landlord in Earl’s Court.

Michael Ellacott – Robin’s father.

Michelle “Midge” Greenstreet – Subcontractor at the agency.

Mitch Patterson – A rival of Strike and Robin’s detective agency.

Nick Herbert – Strike and Robin’s friend.

Nils de Jong – Helps run the North Grove Art Collective, husband to Mariam.

Pat Chauncey – Strike and Robin’s office manager.

Penny Polworth – Dave Polworth’s wife.

Phillip Ormond – Edie Ledwell’s boyfriend.

Preston “Pez” Pierce – Artist and resident at North Grove Art Collective.

Prudence DonLeavey – Strike’s half-sister.

Rachel Ledwell – 

Richard Elgar – Head of Maverick Films in the UK and one of Strike and Robin’s clients.

Robin Ellacott – You know who she is.

Ryan Murphy – A DCI with the Met police.

Sam Barclay – Subcontractor at the agency.

Sarah Shadlock – Matthew’s wife.

Seb Montgomery – An old friend of Josh Blay who helped animate the first two episodes of the cartoon.

Ted Nancarrow – Strike’s uncle.

Tim Ashcroft – Friend of Josh’s and once the voice of The Worm in the cartoon.

Vanessa Ekwensi – Robin’s friend and Met detective.

Wally Cardew – YouTuber who was once the voice of Drek in the cartoon.

Yasmin Weatherhead – Once Edie and Josh’s assistant.

Zoe Haigh – Works part-time at the North Grove Art Collective.


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