The Cuckoo’s Calling TV Locations

The following real-life locations from Strike – The Cuckoo’s Calling are in chronological order as seen on screen. Many indoor scenes, such as the interior of Strike’s office for example, were filmed at West London Film Studio in London.


Q Shoreditch (Uzi)

In the series, this nightclub is called UZI; in real life, however, these opening shots were filmed at McQueen on Tabernacle Street in Shoreditch. In these scenes we see Lula Landry through the club window with her friends and colleagues Ciara Porter and Guy Somé, and boyfriend, Evan Duffield. Read more here.


Rutland Gate (Kentigern Gardens)

Rutland Gate is the street in Kensington used for the fictitious Kentigern Gardens, where Lula Landry’s flat is located. Fake snow covered the street during the filming of Lula exiting her car and entering her flat, shortly before being pushed to her death from her balcony. See more here.

Leicester Square Station 

A newly engaged Robin gets off of the Tube at Leicester Square station on her way to Denmark Street for the first time.

Denmark Street

Robin arrives on Denmark Street for her new temping job and meets Cormoran Strike for the first time. The exterior shots of the office were filmed on the actual Denmark Street, above No Tom Guitars shop at number 6. In the book, Strike’s office is located at number 26. The interior of the office, however, was filmed in the studio. Read more about Denmark Street here.


The Duke of York (The Tottenham)

The scenes where Strike is at the “boozer”, a pub called The Tottenham, were actually filmed at a pub called The Duke of York in Fitzrovia. Read more here.

The Duke of York

Hay Hill and Dover Street

After the pub, Strike walks along these streets in Mayfair on his way to Kentigern Gardens (Rutland Gate) for the first time.

Greek Street

After visiting Kentigern Gardens and talking to Wilson, the security guard who was the first to Lula’s body, Strike hitches a ride from Nico Kolovos-Jones to Greek Street in Soho. Read more here.

Shaftesbury Avenue and Curzon Cinema

With his new camp bed, Strike is seen walking down this street talking to Richard Anstis on the phone. He also passes Curzon Cinema.

If you’re also a Harry Potter fan, you may recognise this street as being the one where Hermione, Harry and Ron apparate to to escape the Death Eaters at the beginning of Deathly Hallows Part 1.

City Snacks

This cafe on 29 Theobalds Road in Holborn is where Strike meets DI Eric Wardle for the first time. 

City Snacks

Unfortunately, the cafe is now permanently closed.

Smith and Wollensky

Smith and Wollensky is a restaurant on John Adam Street, Covent Gardens, Riverside, London, where Strike meets Tony Landry, John and Lula’s uncle, for the first time. Read more here.

Tony LandrySmith and Wollensky 2

Romilly Street

On his way for a shower, Strike walks down this street carrying a plastic bag. A huge billboard with a photo of Lula Landry is seen above him.

Dean Street

Strike crosses this street.

Ariana II

Ariana II is an Afghan restaurant where Strike and Bristow meet to discuss the terms of the case. Read more here.

Ariana II

Uxbridge Road

This street is the location of the Hallum Street Hostel, where Rochelle Onifade once resided. Strike manages to obtain contact details for Rochelle here, with the help from one of the residents.

Zippy Diner

With help from the hostel resident, Strike meets Rochelle at Zippy Diner, which is situated on Goldhawk Road in Shepherd’s Bush. Read more here.

Zippy Diner

Rochelle bolts while Strike is ordering her a burger and chips.

Shepherd’s Bush Market

Strike chases Rochelle through Shepherd’s Bush Market. 

Hackney Road and Corner Dawson Street

These streets are seen when Strike is on his way to Rochelle’s flat.

George Loveless House

This is the building used as Rochelle’s flat. It is part of the Dorset Estate in Hoxton. The stairway was filmed in Elgar House, as seen in the episode. Read more here.

Rochelle's flat


The Film Shed

Guy Somes’ photo shoot was filmed here.

Ennismore Mews

Strike’s sister Lucy drops off Strike on this street. This location is also seen in episode 3.

Southborough House

This house in Surbiton was used as Yvette Bristow’s house. Read more here.

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Dalston Kingsland Station

Dalston Kingsland Station is on Kingsland High Street. Lula Landry‘s friend and colleague Ciara Porter tells Strike to wait outside this station for her later in the evening. After waiting at the station, Strike crosses the road to get in the car with her (with Nico Kolovas-Jones behind the wheel) to go to the nightclub Uzi, where Ciara introduces Strike to Evan Duffield

The Roost

This former pub in Hackney is where the nightclub Uzi was filmed for the scenes with Strike, Ciara Porter, and Evan Duffield. The encounter doesn’t go particularly well.

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Grosvenor Chapel, Mayfair

Strike stands outside Grosvenor Chapel in Mayfair while conducting surveillance on Tansy Bestigui. Read more here.

St Audley Street

Mount Street Gardens, Mayfair

Strike follows Tansy through these gardens. Read more here.

Mount Street Gardens

Town House

This is a restaurant in South Kensington, London, where Strike discovers Tansy Bestigui and Tony Landry meeting for lunch and photographs them going inside. You can visit their website here.

Pinsent Masons, Crown Place

The company building at 30 Crown Place, London, was chosen as the location for Robin’s HR job interview.

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City Snacks

This cafe in Holborn is where Strike first meets Wardle and later where he and Robin meet for an update. The cafe is now closed.

City Snacks with Robin

Bateman Street

Robin walks down here in search of Strike.

The Dog and Duck

This pub in Frith Street, Soho, is where Robin looks for drunk Strike. Read more here.

The Crown and Two Chairmen

This is another pub where Robin looks for Strike. It is situated on Dean Street in Soho.

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Christopher Kane

This clothes shop was used as the fictional shop Vashti. Robin arrives before Strike, who is hungover and oversleeps. Read more about Christopher Kane here.

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This is the university where Robin finds information on Lula Landry’s biological father. Read more here.

The Duke of York (The Tottenham)

Strike and Robin meet here for an update on the case.

Ennismore Gardens

Strike talks to John Bristow on the corner of this street.

Yeomanry House

This is where Strike meets Johan Agyeman, Lula Landry’s biological half-brother. Read more here.


Buckingham Street

This is where Strike talks to Tony Landry. Read more here.

Buckingham Street Strike and Tony

In the background, you can see executive producer and J.K. Rowling’s agent, Neil Blair.

Efes Snooker and Bar

This is the snooker bar where Strike meets with Shanker. Read more here.

Snooker bar

Jeddo Street

This is the street where Robin and Matthew’s house is located.

Regent Street and Ennismore Mews

Strike walks down these streets on his way to Yvette Bristow’s house.