Smith & Wollensky

If you ever insult my mother again, I’ll introduce you to something far worse than an over-chilled Burgundy.” – Strike

In The Cuckoo’s Calling book, Strike arranges to meet John Bristow at the Serpentine Bar & Kitchen in Hyde Park, where he is ambushed by John’s uncle, Tony Landry. Similarly, in the TV series, Strike goes to Smith & Wollensky to meet Tansy Bestigui, but upon his arrival finds Tony Landry instead, who insults Strike by bringing up his financial situation, his leg and his late mother, Leda Strike.

Smith & Wollensky is a steakhouse on John Adam Street, Covent Gardens Riverside, London. It claims to have the ‘best steak in London’!

You can visit their website at

The nearest Tube station is either Embankment or Charing Cross. You can find Smith & Wollensky on Google Maps here.