“I can’t stay here – this’ll be expensive!” Robin exclaims, “gazing open-mouthed” at the hotel.

Hazlitt’s is a hotel on Frith Street in Soho. It is featured in Career of Evil, chapters 20 and 21. Strike takes Robin here as she needs a place to stay for the night. Strike knows about the hotel because his Aunt Joan and Uncle Ted stayed here when they came up from Cornwall to see The Mousetrap play in London’s West End.

“The wood-panelled hall was cosy, with the feeling of a private house. There was only one way in and nobody could open the front door from the outside.”

Despite Robin’s protests, Strike pays for her to stay at Hazlitt’s for the night. Her room is Georgian-style with a wooden four-poster bed.

In the morning, she orders a croissant a coffee with room service before setting off for work.

Hazlitt’s was also featured in the TV series adaptation. Like in the book, Strike brings Robin here on the night she drunk “all the wine in London”. Robin wakes up in the hotel before heading to Nick and Ilsa‘s house.

You can find Hazitt’s on Google Maps here:

Nearby Locations:

The Dog & Duck – Robin looks for Strike in here (The Cuckoo’s Calling, Ep 1).

Soho Square and Dean Street – where Strike chases the killer (Career of Evil).

The Groucho Club – where Strike interviews Michael Fancourt (The Silkworm).

The Flying Horse – Strike’s favourite pub, on Oxford Street.

Denmark Street – where Strike and Robin’s office is located.

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