Soho is an area of London that frequently appears throughout the series. As described in the books, Soho is where “the arts world, the advertisers and publishers congregate….”

In The Cuckoo’s Calling, Evan Duffield takes a taxi to Soho where he conducts a drug deal at a flat in d’Arblay Street.

In The Silkworm, Strike goes to the Groucho Club on Dean Street in Soho to interview Michael Fancourt, a famous writer involved with the Owen Quine case.

In Career of Evil, Strike leaves Robin at Hazlitt’s hotel on Frith Street, where she is staying for the night. As he is walking away, he spots a man in a beanie hat, “skulking on the corner of Soho Square.” Strike calls to the man before the man bolts.

He chases the man across the square and down Carlisle Street. “Strike squinted ahead at the crowd clustered around the entrance to the Toucan…”

Strike searches around the dark streets of Soho, up streets like Carlisle Street and Dean Street, before giving up and returning home to Denmark Street.