Strike Pubs

Here is an A-Z list of the pubs featured in the Strike book series, with a link to their main page. This list doesn’t include cafes, restaurants, or wine bars – just proper pubs!

The Albion

The Albion is where Strike and Robin meet in chapter 26 of The Silkworm.

The Angel, St Giles High Street

In The Ink Black Heart, Strike tries this pub to sit and go into Drek’s Game, but the pub has a phone ban, so he leaves for The Cambridge.

The Bay Horse

This pub is the Ellacott family’s local in Masham, North Yorkshire. It is mentioned in The Silkworm as being the pub Robin’s brothers go to for a pint of Black Sheep on the evening of Matthew’s mother’s funeral. In Lethal White, Robin mentions it to Strike as being her local.

The Bell

Mentioned in Career of Evil as the pub in Whitechapel where Strike’s had his 18th birthday party.

The Blue Anchor

In The Cuckoo’s Calling, Strike enjoys a pint in this pub after going to the St Elmo’s hostel in Hammersmith to look for Rochelle Onifade.

The Cambridge

This pub on Cambridge Circus in London’s theatre district is where Strike and Robin have a chat about the Quine case on Strike’s birthday. Strike orders a steak and chips and drinks London Pride. Robin gifts him with a Cornish hamper. It is featured again in The Ink Black Heart.

The Chilled Eskimo

This pub is situated on Southern Row, where the Quines live. The pub’s interior isn’t featured, but the book describes the sign depicting a happy Inuit relaxing besides a fishing hole, his back to the blazing sun.

The Coach & Horses

This pub on Wellington Street, London, is only mentioned briefly in The Silkworm as Strike walks past it, envious of the drinkers inside. He decides not to enter the pub in order to save money.

The Court

Featured in Career of Evil, The Court on Tottenham Court Road provides a useful lookout spot for Strike and Robin’s surveillance of Platinum, who works in the Spearmint Rhino strip club. Unknowingly, the killer, wearing sunglasses and camouflage, sits in the Japanese Canteen opposite to watch Robin.

The Crows Nest

In Career of Evil, The Crows Nest in Barrow-in-Furness is where Robin-as-Venetia interviews Holly Brockbank.

The Duke of Wellington

(Credit: suekmoorhen)

In Lethal White, this pub in Hackney is where Robin (as Bobbi) meets with Flick before going to a party at her flat.

The Feathers

The Feathers is featured a few times in the series. It’s where Strike goes to meet Eric Wardle in The Cuckoo’s Calling and where both Strike and Robin meet Wardle in Career of Evil. In Troubled Blood, Strike meets George Layborn here.

The Flask

In The Ink Black Heart, Strike interviews Phillip Ormond in this Highgate pub. Robin goes through to a side parlour to a table next to a fireplace to log into Drek’s Game for the first time.

The Gatehouse

In The Ink Black Heart, Robin has a drink with Pez Pierce in here.

The Gun

In The Ink Black Heart, Strike meets Grant Ledwell in this Docklands pub. They sit in a wood-panelled room with a view of the Millennium Dome out the window.

The King’s Arms

In The Silkworm, this is where Strike meets Matthew and Robin for dinner.

The Nags Head (mentioned)

In Career of Evil, Strike walks past this pub when he’s in Whitechapel.

Old Blue Last

(Credit: suekmoorhen)

In Career of Evil, Strike meets Wardle here for an update about the case. He ends up staying and joining Wardle, April and Coco upstairs for live music, but not for long.

The Old Library

In Troubled Blood, Robin goes to this pub in Leamington Spa. For a moment, she thinks she sees Strike, but it’s just a stranger. She reflects on her relationship and feelings for Strike.

Ordnance Arms

This is the pub where Strike interviews Marlene Higson in The Cuckoo’s Calling. Unfortunately, the pub is now closed.

The Red Lion, Mayfair

In Lethal White, after meeting Jasper Chiswell for the first time , Strike meets Robin in here. A man knocks into Robin, spilling her orange juice.

The Red Lion and Sun

In The Ink Black Heart, Strike and Barclay meet up here during surveillance on Wally Cardew and Seb Montgomery, who are here to meet Tim Ashcroft, Nils de Jong and his son, Bram.

The Roebuck

In Troubled Blood, this pub in Warwick is where Robin interviews Paul Satchwell.

Shakespeare’s Head

In Troubled Blood, after attempting to do some Christmas shopping, Strike meets Shanker in here to ask him about Mucky Ricci.

The Ship & Shovell

In The Ink Black Heart, Strike tails Wally and Thurisaz here. After tripping on a handbag, Strike goes to the toilet and has an encounter with Thurizas.

The Ship Inn

In Career of Evil, Strike meets Margaret Bunyan in this pub in Melrose to question her about suspect Donald Laing.

St Stephen’s Tavern

In The Ink Black Heart, Strike and Robin go to this Westminster pub for a chat after a visit to New Scotland Yard.

The Three Kings

In Troubled Blood, this is the pub where Margot Bamborough was supposed to be meeting Oonagh Kennedy. After doing the Margot Route in Clerkenwell, Strike and Robin have a drink in here on Halloween.

The Tottenham (The Flying Horse)

The Tottenham, renamed The Flying Horse, is the last remaining pub on Oxford Street, London. It is Cormoran Strike’s favourite pub. It is featured in The Cuckoo’s Calling, The Silkworm, Career of Evil, Lethal White and The Ink Black Heart.

The Two Chairmen

In Lethal White, Strike and Robin meet in here for a catch-up.

The White Horse

In Lethal White, Strike and Robin have some food in this pub in Woolstone.

The White Horse

In Lethal White, this is the pub where Strike approaches Jimmy Knight after the CORE meeting. Unfortunately, this pub is now closed.

The White Swan

In Lethal White, Robin walks by this pub in Deptford. Unfortunately, this pub is now closed.

The Windmill

In The Cuckoo’s Calling, Robin and Matthew meet up with Matthew’s friends here. The pub is on Clapham Common.

Ye Olde Cheshire Cheese

In The Silkworm, Strike meets Nina Lascelles in here before going to the Roper Chard party together.