Filming Troubled Blood in Cornwall (Day 3)

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The Prince of Wales Pier by Suekmoorhen

On Thursday 10th March, there was a filming schedule change. Filming of Anna and Kim’s house was supposed to have taken place on this day but, due to the good weather, it was decided that scenes on the St Mawes Ferry should be filmed instead. The ferry scenes were originally supposed to have been filmed at the weekend. This meant there was a little confusion for us, as we had arrived at the wrong location. 

We finally managed to track down the crew at the Prince of Wales Pier in Falmouth again. We parked on the Moor then headed down to the pier where they were getting equipment and crew onto the ferry before heading out into the estuary.

As the ferry was just setting off, we saw two swans.

  • By suekmoorhen

Since we couldn’t board the ferry with the cast and crew, we were forced to stay by the pier for a couple of hours. We contemplated hiring a boat, but thought that might be taking it a bit too far.

When the ferry finally came back – which didn’t seem to take too long – we witnessed a short scene on the boat from the pier. This was around lunchtime; cast and crew had a short break, and then the ferry headed out again.

  • By LudicrousMonica

When the ferry returned, some of us managed to get our books signed by Tom Burke, with help from a crew member who we’d spent a lot of time chatting to. 

  • Tom Burke with Suekmoorhen

After meeting Tom, we also managed to meet Holliday and get our books signed by her outside the Pier Cafe. 

Some of us then went for a coffee in the Pier Cafe. Executive producer Ruth Kenley-Letts ended up coming in for a coffee, and we had a nice chat with her.

A final scene was filmed of Strike and Robin on the pier, though we weren’t able to get too close for this. The filming then wrapped for the day, so we headed back to our holiday cottage.

The next day’s filming was in the small village of Port Navas, around 20 minutes from Falmouth, where they’d done the night shoot the previous evening. Stay tuned to hear about day 4!

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  1. So fun to read about. Curious: how tall would you say Tom and Holliday are really?

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