Filming Troubled Blood in Cornwall (Day 2)

If you haven’t read about our first day witnessing the filming of Troubled Blood in Cornwall yet, you can find the post here.

Around 7:30am on Wednesday 9th March, we arrived in the Moor in Falmouth. Security told us that filming wouldn’t start until around 10am, so we went for some breakfast.

Just before 10am we walked down to the Prince of Wales Pier where the crew were setting up the equipment. Mini-buses were going to and from the Unit Base on the outskirts of the town centre.

Soon, the Land Rover arrived on the back of a trailer and was unloaded.

The first scene filmed that day was of Robin inside the Pier Cafe.

Unfortunately, the weather was awful — it was raining hard. Members of the public headed to the Pier Cafe for refuge but were turned away, most of them unaware that there was filming taking place, despite equipment and crew taking up much of the entrance to the pier.

The scene inside the cafe seemed to take quite a few hours, and we were all getting wet and cold. Some of us took a break from the rain and had a coffee in the Palacio Lounge.

The cast, Land Rover, and crew eventually moved to the outside of the Methodist church on the Moor for shots of Strike and Robin walking toward, then getting into the Land Rover, with the Palacio Lounge in the background. 

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After the filming on the Moor, the crew headed to Port Navas for a night shoot. Filming was scheduled to wrap around midnight, though we heard the next day that many of the crew members didn’t leave until around half 1am.

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This was another amazing day, despite the bad weather, but we were glad to get back inside to dry out and get an early night, ready for the next day.

The following day was in Falmouth again. Stay tuned to hear about day 3!