The Running Grave

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On 12th January, 2023, J.K. Rowling revealed on Twitter the title of the seventh novel to be The Running Grave. She first gave us the clue “Disentangle the hanging venturer,” which happened to be an anagram for “the running grave.” The title was guessed by the Strike & Ellacott Files, which Rowling confirmed. The title is likely inspired by the poem “When, Like A Running Grave” by Dylan Thomas.


Pre-Release Timeline – What we know so far about the book, from tweets by J.K. Rowling.

General Information

We know from J.K. Rowling’s Twitter headers that Cromer, Norfolk, is likely to be a location in the book. We also know from another header that the I Ching will feature somehow.

In a Q&A, Rowling also revealed a few details about the book. She told us that we will finally meet Strike’s half-sister Prudence Donleavy, that Strike will stop smoking, and that someone will suggest therapy to Strike.

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