Tom Burke in New Movie: Klokkenluider

Tom Burke — who plays our favourite grisly detective, Cormoran¬†Strike — is currently in a COVID bubble preparing to take on a new role. He will be playing a character named Ewan, who is a government whistleblower in a movie named just that: Klokkenluider (“whistleblower” in Dutch). The film is written and directed by Neil Maskell. Maskell recently worked with Burke in Strike, Career of Evil as Donald Laing. They have also worked together in the past on another TV series, Utopia.¬†

Credit: Nick Curtis

Burke has appeared in other key TV roles in The Musketeers, War & Peace, Utopia, The Hour and Responsible Child. He also has about 38 films under his belt, as well as theatre roles. 

The movie Klokkenluider also stars Jenna Coleman and is described as a dark comic thriller that is character driven. The film is set to be shot in a remote country house in East Sussex in southern England, and the three-week shoot is scheduled to commence on 28 February. Due to COVID precautions, there are reports that production costs increased by nearly 15%.

Strike fans eagerly awaiting Strike, Troubled Blood on screen will have to console themselves with seeing their favourite detective assume another role. Burke recently surprised us with his dad-dancing in the Netflix series The Crown, in which he played Derek “Dazzle” Jennings.

To read more about Klokkenluider, click on

This post was contributed by guest writer Sienna.

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