The Cuckoo’s Calling Miscellaneous Characters

Al Rokeby – Son of Jonny Rokeby and Jenny Graham. Brother of Edward Rokeby. Al is the only Rokeby sibling that Strike has contact with, and makes his first appearance in the second novel, The Silkworm.

Benjy Dunne – Tansy and Freddie had spent some time in the company of the Dunnes on the night Lula died. At Cipriani, Tansy says she needed to take the line of coke after that.

Brett Fearney – The name, real or fake, of the man who stabbed Liam Yates, a police informant. Strike gives Brett’s whereabouts to Wardle in exchange for the Lula Landry case file.

Brian Mathers – Ex-client of Strike’s who continues to send him weekly death threats on pink paper with kittens on. Mathers existence is useful in catching Lula Landry’s killer at the end of the book.

Bryant – An officer with the Met police who searched Deeby Mac’s flat at 18 Kentigern Gardens. He knocked over the crystal vase containing white roses which Freddie Bestigui had left for Deeby Macc.

Carianne – A woman who resides in the St Elmo’s hostel for the homeless. She doesn’t believe Rochelle cared that Lula died.

Carla Astolfi – Jonny Rokeby’s second wife, from 1975 to 1979, with whom he had two daughters, the TV presenter Gabriella Rokeby, and jewellery designer Daniella Rokeby.

Colin McLeod – One of the three security men who works at 18 Kentigern Gardens.

David Carr – In 1975, he was a new guitarist of Jonny Rokeby’s band The Deadbeats. He was arrested after a drug bust in LA during the record-breaking tour for the platinum album Hold It Back.

Dickie Carbury – He had a house party that Lula, Evan, and Ciara were invited to. Freddie Bestigui showed up with the hope that he’d be able to get Lula to agree to be in one of his films.

Edward Rokeby – Jonny Rokeby and Jenny Graham’s son. Brother if Al Rokeby.

Gabriella Rokeby – A television presenter. Daughter of Jonny Rokeby and Carla Astolfi.

Geoffrey Hook – A target under surveillance; the husband of Strike’s client, Mrs Hook.

Ian Robson – One of the three security men who works at 18 Kentigern Gardens. Wilson took over from Robson on the night Lula died because he was feeling ill. Wilson caught whatever Robson had and spent a lot of time on the toilet the night Lula died.

Janine – A woman who resides in the St Elmo’s hostel for the homeless in Hammersmith.

Jason – Derrick Wilson’s nephew in the Helmand Province, Signals, of the British military. Lula Landry gave Wilson an autograph to give to Jason for his birthday, and frequently asked about him after that.

Jenny Graham – Jonny Rokeby’s wife, from 1981 to present-day. Jenny and Jonny have two sons, Edward Rokeby and Al Rokeby.

Lechsinka – A Polish cleaner who works at 18 Kentigern Gardens. Strike tried to question her while she’s cleaning the second-floor flat.

Liam Yates – A police informant who was stabbed. The stabber’s whereabouts is used as leverage to get the Lula Landry case file from Wardle.

Lindsey Fanthrope – An actress who had a daughter, Prudence Donleavy, with rockstar Jonny Rokeby.

Lindsey Parr – Tansy Bestigui does Pilates with Parr, instead of using the Kentigern Gardens facilities, to the annoyance of Freddie Bestigui.

Mrs Hook – Strike’s only client besides John Bristow. When she turns up at the office, she’s wearing an orange coat and a knitted purple berret. Strike tells Robin that she likes pottery, and thinks her husband is having an affair with an accountant.

Maimie Rokeby – The daughter of Jonny Rokeby and his first wife Shirley Mullens.

Melanie Telford – The author of an article about Lula Landry that Robin reads out to Strike. (Part 2, Chapter 1)

Nigel Clemente – Evan Duffield’s agent. Robin tries to arrange an interview with Evan through Nigel but is unsuccessful.

Pansy Marks-Dillon – In Cipriani, Tansy and Ursula see that Pansy is wearing a Daumier-Cross coat, which there is a waiting list for. Tansy says, “easy to be on the best-dressed list if your husband’s got fifty mill.”

Prudence Donleavy – A Jungian therapist. She is the daughter of Jonny Rokeby and actress Lindsey Fanthrope, who were never married.

Shirley Mullens – Jonny Rokeby’s first wife, from 1969 to 1973, with whom he had a daughter, Maimie.

Shona Holland – In exchange for the Landry case file, Strike tells Wardle. “There’s a girl who works in Betbusters on the Hackney Road called Shona Holland. She lives in a rented flat two streets away from the bookie’s. She’s got an unwelcome house guest at the moment called Brett Fearney”.

Shumba – A white Rastafarian who Leda dated for some time. Leda, Strike and Lucy lived with Shumba in a flat on Atlantic Road in Brixton. Leda and Shumba tried to home-school Strike and Lucy, but all Strike learned was that cannabis smoke rendered the individual dull and paranoid.

Whycliff – Evan Duffield’s drug dealer. On the night Lula died, Duffield met with Wycliff, which provided him with an alibi.

Vivian Cranfield – A woman who lived above Marlene Higson, Lula’s biological mother, and spoke about her to the press.