Strike TV Series Updates

It’s been almost a whole year since the fifth Strike, Troubled Blood, aired on BBC One in the UK, and we have a bit of information about the next one.

Credit: BBC/Brontë Film and TV

The sixth instalment, The Ink Black Heart, will begin filming in early January 2024, and will likely wrap around April time.

There’s also confirmation that the decision has been made to not release Troubled Blood or further Strike adaptations on DVD/Blu-Ray format due to lack of demand, but it will still be widely available on streaming platforms such as BBC iPlayer.

6 thoughts on “Strike TV Series Updates

  1. If its not coming out on dvd I’ll stop buying the books,!

    1. I wholeheartedly agree. A person my age needs comfort and it is more comfortable watching dvds in a recliner than sitting for long periods of time watching on my computer.

  2. Hello. Please tell me how I can watch the Strike tv series in the U.S. !!!
    I am so out of it and unhappy…
    Thank you.

    1. The series is available to view on the HBO streaming platform and may still be available for purchase via digital download.

    2. Its on MAX which used to be hbo max. You can stream it for a month, cancel and wait for the next time they have something you want.

  3. I’m still waiting patiently for the new season of C.B. Strike ☺️

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