Lethal White (S4)

Strike – Lethal White is the fourth Strike mystery which first aired on 30th August, 2020, at 9pm on BBC One. Episode 2 aired the following day, 31st August. Episode 3 aired that Sunday, 6th September. Episode 4 aired on Sunday, 13th September.

The episodes aired in the USA in January 2021 on HBO Max.

A TV tie-in edition of the book was also released with the series.

Lethal White TV tie-in edition

Filming and Production

Filming for Lethal White began in September 2019 and wrapped in December 2019.

Filming Timeline
Lethal White TV Locations

The production team hired artist Desmond Macmahon to paint ‘Mare Mourning’, a painting which is an important part of the plot. Desmond has also worked on many other films, including painting the portrait of Judie Dench’s ‘M’ for Daniel Craig’s Bond films. www.desmondmacmahon.co.uk/film-television/

Desmond Macmahon (https://www.desmondmacmahon.co.uk/film-television/)

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