Happy April Fools!

Happy April Fools’ Day from StrikeFans! Don’t worry, we’re not going to trick you with fake Book 6 news, but we wanted to celebrate this day by looking back on some funny moments with Strike and Robin that always make us laugh — along with a few fun extras we hope you’ll enjoy! 


The Cuckoo’s Calling: 


“ ’SGreek,” he told her. “Kairos. Kairos moment. An’ it means,” and from somewhere in his soused brain he dredged up words of surprising clarity, “the telling moment. The special moment. The supreme moment.”

Oh please, thought Robin, please don’t tell me we’re having one.


It’s funny in itself but it’s also funny when you consider that they may have already had their Kairos moment when he almost knocks her down the stairs. There’s no arguing how much their lives both changed in that (telling, special, supreme) moment. 

The show really delivered the drunk-Strike scene! 


Even the aftermath of drunk-Strike was goooood!


The Silkworm: 


“Then cheer the fuck up and eat your burger.”


Such a cheerful moment when Robin finally tells Strike what’s bothering her and they come to an agreement about her future at the agency! This is a line that always provides a laugh. Also, a very honorable mention to Robin saying, “I don’t give a monkey’s” when Strike says a family is watching their argument. That even made Strike laugh! 



Career of Evil


“They had attracted a significant increase in oddball correspondence since Strike had solved his second high-profile murder case. The most coherent of the writers simply asked for money, on the assumption that Strike was now immensely rich. Then came those who had strange personal grudges that they wished Strike to avenge, those whose waking hours seemed devoted to proving outlandish theories, those whose needs and wishes were so inchoate and rambling that the only message they conveyed was mental illness, and finally (“Now these seem nutty,” Robin had said) a sprinkling of people, both male and female, who seemed to find Strike attractive.”


We love getting glimpses of their growing friendship with funny teasing moments like this! Nutty, is it, Robin? 

We also love this scene below that really shows Strike’s mischievous sense of humour!


Lethal White


“No biscuits?”

“I thought you were trying to lose weight?”

“Nothing eaten on a car journey counts, any competent dietician will tell you that.”

Robin grinned.

“‘Calories Are Bollocks: the Cormoran Strike Diet.’”

“‘Hunger Strike: Car Journeys I Have Starved On.’”


I think we can all agree that anytime Strike and food are mentioned together, we’re in for comedy gold. 






“Brown Panther,” Strike said through a mouthful of burger, as they approached the track. “Except he isn’t, is he? Black mane, so he’s—”

“—a bay, yes,” said Robin. “Are you upset he isn’t a panther, either?”

“Just trying to follow the logic. That stallion I found online—Blanc de Blancs—was chestnut, not white.”

“Not gray, you mean.”

“Fuck’s sake,” muttered Strike, half-amused, half-exasperated.”


The banter between Strike and Robin about horses in Lethal White is not only funny, but ends up being important later on when Strike realizes the value of Mare Mourning


Troubled Blood


For as heavy as Troubled Blood is, there are so many funny moments! Here are four of our favorites: 


“Well, I’m no doctor,” said Strike, as they crossed the road back to the Land Rover, “but I blame the curry.”

“Don’t,” said Robin, laughing against her will. She couldn’t help but feel a certain vicarious embarrassment.

“You weren’t sitting as near her as I was,” said Strike, as he got back into the car. “I’m guessing lamb bhuna—”

“Seriously,” said Robin, half-laughing, half-disgusted, “stop.”


This reaction to the, shall we say, explosive interview with Irene Hickson and Janice Beattie is absolutely hilarious! The whole event itself is funny, but becomes rather serious in hindsight when we learn why poor Irene was having trouble in the first place. A great example of hiding clues with humor! 


“Sagittarius, Scorpio rising, with the sun in the first house.”

“You’re—” Robin began to laugh. “Did you just pull that out of your backside, or is it real?”

“Of course, it’s not fucking real,” said Strike. “None of it’s real, is it? But yeah. That’s what my natal horoscope says. Stop bloody laughing. ”


A great and funny moment between Strike and Robin as they explore the inner workings of Bill Talbot’s mind. 


“What d’you think?” Robin asked Strike, when at last she’d succeeded in getting rid of Amanda.

He pointed a finger at the sky.

“What?” said Robin, looking up into the blue haze.

“If you look carefully,” said Strike, “you might just see an asteroid passing through the House of Bollocks.” 


Another moment, after Robin hangs up from a speaker phone interview with Amanda White, who “wows” the detectives with stupid coincidences.


“The gym manager let it slip tae Shifty he knew a big man at Shifty’s company. SB and the gym guy sometimes go in the playpen together, see. Like it’s a nurs—like it’s a nurser—”

Barclay suddenly broke into peals of laughter and Strike followed suit. Robin pressed the ice pack to her face and joined in. For a minute, all three of them roared with laughter at the mental image of the two men in nappies, sitting in their MDF playpen.

“—like it’s a nursery,” said Barclay in a falsetto, wiping tears out of his eyes. “Fuck me, it takes all sorts, eh?”


Even though most of us are still bummed that Barclay showed up at the office that night, this moment makes it worth it. Three friends laughing together and enjoying the relief of a mystery solved. (We should point out that this part of the audiobook is particularly hilarious, listening to Barclay trying to get the words out.) 

While this is only a small selection of funny moments in the series, we hope you enjoyed our picks! We’re looking forward to the laughs future books will bring! 

Now, for a bit of April Fools’ silliness, please enjoy these fake Strike related headlines! Make sure to scroll through all 13 pages!

Have a laugh with this “Funny Moment” related quiz!


Funny Moments Quiz

Where do Strike and Robin interview Oonagh Kennedy when she makes Strike laugh by saying this about Paul Satchwell: “He was six years older than she was, an artist and he wore his jeans so tight you could see his cock and balls right through them.”

“The cats don’t like me.”

“Nick says they can tell you’re a Gooner.”

“The comedy circuit lost a shining light when your husband decided on medicine.”

What are the names of Nick and Ilsa’s cats? 

“My uncle’s got something that’d carry you,” said Robin. “Clydesdale. It’s massive.” “Point taken,” said Strike drily, and she laughed.” During this conversation, Robin tells Strike the name of her pony. What was his name? 

In The Cuckoo’s Calling, what are Strike and Robin eating when a very drunk Strike tells Robin about Kairos moments?

Who is Robin talking about in Troubled Blood when she says, “He’d need a lot of talcum powder to wriggle himself into anything made of rubber, the size of that belly.” ?

When Strike tells Robin that “calories are bollocks” in Lethal White, where are they driving to?

“Brown Panther,” Strike said through a mouthful of burger, as they approached the track. “Except he isn’t, is he? Black mane, so he’s—” What color horse is Brown Panther? 

Who says, “What a shit he is” when talking about Michael Fancourt?

What does Strike want to put on a plaque for his nephew Luke?

What does Strike’s nephew do to cause Strike to think, “I’ll tread on you in a minute, arsehole.”

“I must’ve been looking at Donna. I was seriously worried she was going to pass out.”

“Wish she had,” said Strike.

“Strike!” After interviewing Steve Douthwaite and his wife, Donna, Strike and Robin eat fish & chips at what place?

In Troubled Blood, SB has a sexual fetish that involves “being aroused by the thought of oneself as a baby”. What is the name of it?

Who does Max say “was a real laugh” when he met her years ago?

Robin makes Strike laugh in The Cuckoo’s Calling when she puts on an Australian accent to fool Temporary Solutions. What fake name does she give to them?

Strike is surprised into a laugh when Dr. Gupta refers to himself as looking like who?

Who had Strike and Robin just interviewed when Strike says, “If you look carefully...you might just see an asteroid passing through the house of bollocks.” ?

In the TV series, who tells Strike she is “amputee curious” causing Strike to say, “You’ll be disappointed. There’s literally nothing to see.”

Who was Strike talking to when he said, “And it’s not even my size” about the leg Robin had received in Career of Evil

What does Robin call Strike when he expresses distaste for her mushy peas?

What is the name of the TV show with a character called “Bennie” that Strike tells Robin about causing him to “roar with laughter”?

Your score is

The average score is 66%


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