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      Lindsay WilliamsLindsay

      Does anyone have any Troubled Blood predictions to share? Four months to go!

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      I think Charlotte might play a bigger part in it. And since J.K. Rowling has already said that Al Rokeby is going to be in it, could Jonny Rokeby be in it too? I hope so!

      As for Strike and Robin, I don’t think they’ll be together just yet. Perhaps it’s Charlotte that becomes a barrier between them.

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      Lindsay WilliamsLindsay

      I’d really like to see both Al and Jonny back!

      I had the same thought about Cormoran and Robin initially but I’ve changed my mind since Jo tweeted those tarot cards. The one that basically says “tell the other how you feel, they may feel the same, etc” made me very, very happy. My guess is there will be some tension and they’ll both acknowledge their feelings to themselves and (probably at the end) have a talk. A really good talk where Strike takes his own advice of “We’ve got to be honest with each other…”

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      I have the idea that Charlotte will end up loving her children and being a good mother. I know she’s a horrible person, kind of, but people do change when they become parents – I know I did. So I think she will find happiness in her kids, much to her own surprise!

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        Hi! Yes! I’ve been diving into the theory that HP books corresponde with CS books. Also the theory that books 1,3 and 5 as well as 2,4 and 6 etc make circles in storyline. Based on those ideas i had some ideas:

        Shanker whom I loooove. The image of him climbing over barrister in a serious courtroom environment yelling ‘he dunnit!’just gives me life. And sounds like something Sirius pretty much did. There’re other things (prison sentences, leaving/been left by blood relatives and adopting a new family as teenagers etc) So now I’m very afraid for Shanker’s safety in book 5 🙁

        Circling character – Carver is in 1 and 3. Blah.

        Mrs. Figg. For some reason that I can’t really explain rationally I love mrs Figg. Maybe she was someone muggle who got to have a moment inside and a role as Harry’s protector and I wanted to be the muggle who got inside too? (I know she’s not muggle but in book 1 she was portrait as such) or just Rowling’s ability to hint and then pull something up and you’re surprised and then you explain yourself you kinda knew, there were hints..! Anyway once I steated to think about OotP characters and events she popped into mind. Who’s Strike and Robins Mrs Figg?

        And now I’m diving back into CC even though I just finished re-reading the series like three days ago and looking for mrs figg. So far I got someone calling the office, Robin answering and someone asking for (1 Oggy so either Nick or Hardcare called and 2) Monkey Boy.

        So my big prediction is…someone calls Cormoran Monkey Boy in Troubled Blood 🤣

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      Ps. Is this site all wonky by my phone or for everyone? I don’t think I can see the whole thread…

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