Filming Troubled Blood in Skegness (Day 2)

Filming of Troubled Blood continued in Skegness on Tuesday 22nd February. It was an early start, with shooting set to begin at 8am inside the North Parade hotel, or “The Allardice”. We arrived outside at 7:30am and the crew were already setting up their equipment.

Before filming started, we met with Harry Parkhill, a BBC Radio Lincolnshire reporter, for an interview talking about our involvement as fans of the Strike series. Just after 9am, Harry interviewed the producer for the series, Alex Rendell. 

With producer Alex Rendell
Bill Reeves (me) and producer Alex Rendell

Tom and Holliday were seen walking from the side car park, where some lorries and vans were parked, to the Allardice. We assumed they went in to rehearse, as they were only in the B&B briefly before walking back to the car park.

The Land Rover was then seen driving around the streets, with Holliday driving and Tom as passenger. Camera operators were in the two back seats of the car.

After a couple of laps around the roads in the Land Rover, the car pulled up at the side of the road and was left there for most of the day while one or two crew members tried to fix a problem with the Land Rover, which they kept revving and checking under the bonnet. 

Land Rover video

Tom and Holly returned to the Allardice to film inside the doorway.

For the rest of the day, filming took place inside the Allardice, in the reception area downstairs and later in one of the bedrooms. Robin Askwith (Steve Douthwaite) was spotted briefly outside later in the day.

After Tom and Holliday left in their black Audi, filming still continued, with an actor dressed as a police officer and actor Samuel Oatley, who portrays DI George Laybourn.

For dinner, we booked into the Cookhouse/Premier Inn across the road from where we were staying. After a few pints of Doom Bar, approaching Robin Askwith was a little easier. He confirmed to us that he was playing Steve Douthwaite and was going to be interrogated by the police in The Courthouse the following day.

Robin Askwith

When I met Askwith, he seemed to like my Strike T-shirt, which you can order from here.

Filming on the third and final day was set to take place on the beach and at The Courthouse. Stay tuned to hear about day 3!


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  1. Another interesting report, I like the detail that after Tom and Holliday had left, Sam Oatley and another actor were still being filmed.

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