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For the chance to win a copy of the Strike – Career of Evil DVD (Region 2), leave a comment below – tell us about your favourite moment from Career of Evil, the book or TV series! The giveaway will end Monday, 7th May. Good luck!

The third series of the critically acclaimed TV detective series based on J.K. Rowling’s best-selling crime novels written under the pseudonym Robert Galbraith, Strike – Career of Evil is now available to own on DVD, courtesy of Warner Bros Home Entertainment. Also for the first time, the Strike series’; The Cuckoo’s Calling, The Silkworm and Career of Evil are now available to own as a complete box set on DVD.

Strike is a war veteran turned private detective operating out of a tiny office in London’s Denmark Street. He’s wounded both physically and psychologically, but Strike’s unique insight and his background as an SIB Investigator prove crucial in hunting down a killer who seems determined to seek revenge on Strike by framing him for murder and destroying his life.

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Below is an interview clip exclusive to the Career of Evil DVD!


17 thoughts on “GIVEAWAY: Career of Evil DVD!

  1. Very hard to pinpoint just ONE scene but I loved the ending the ongoing “love” between Cormoran and Robin is simple to see and the emotional chenistry achieve throughout the odd glance little comment culminates in the final scene where Robin sees Cormaran in the church and smiles.Unfortunately she’s married the WRONG man JK Rowling aka Robert Galbraith needs to sort this oit PLEASE this ßeries of books could run a series for years if she wanted Can’t wait for next one

  2. ‘Well since Andrew chose the ending, I guess I will choose Shanker’s heroics scenes, maybe the one where he saved Cormoran from the book to be precise, which they have decided not to include in the tv series. So disappointed! I know they can never follow the complete adaptation from the book but I just felt since Season 1, The Cuckoo’s calling, they kept missing out important bits and the story’s pace is so exhaustingly fast! But.. thats not what this comment is for, so yeah, props to Shanker and hopefully for more exciting scenes in Lethal White!!! Cant Wait!!!

  3. In the book, one of my favourite chapters was the one with Tempest. It would have been amazing to see it played out on screen. It was really funny and I would love to have seen Strike lose his temper with her. My favourite scene from the TV programme was the end where Strike went to the wedding. It was an amazing moment and I just didn’t want Robin to marry Matthew. I cannot wait for the new book.

  4. Midway through The Silkworm book, Strike and Robin are on their way to Devon, a crash occurs and even though Strike shouts break Robin puts her foot down and avoids the crash with some nifty driving.

    That is the moment Robin really comes in to her own for me and proves she has the ability to be Strikes partner in the business. Despite Strikes doubts and Matthew’s passive agressive rejection of what Robin wants, she persisted and proved with skill and ability that she was able to do the job.

  5. The road trip up north was a favourite few chapters.

    Shanker provided some unexpectedly funny moments in the adaptation.

  6. I like the bit when robin opens the package to find the severed leg!

  7. One of my favourite moments is where Strike first meets Robin. His laid back lack of emotion is just how I imagined him to react from reading the book. The casting of Tom Burke as Strike is perfect for Rowling’s main character. I just love these crime stories and there are too many favourite moments to choose just one!

  8. Best bit from Career of Evil?

    The scene where Robin uses the money from her mother to put a deposit on somewhere to live, and dumps Matthew for good.

    Obviously, the version in my head is waaaaaaaay better than the one in the book! 🙂

  9. Another one of my favourite moments was when Robin was in the pub opening up to Strike about being raped and he went to hold her hand and then moved it away. It was a lovely moment.

  10. Anytime they’re in the pub, it’s just so human and natural to have a beer when you’re dealing with “Stressful Situations”. Well done.

  11. My favourite moment was at the end when Strike turns up late to the wedding and knocks the flower arrangement over.

  12. It has to be when strike is comforting robin at the pub on the tv series as it’s so awkward but true feelings are bubbling under the surface, in the book it’s the way shanker helps robin with her investigation, think this shows there will be more for him to do in future books, it also shows the sweet side that strikes mum obviously saw in him

  13. My favourite moment from the show was the pub scene when Cormoran almost takes Robin’s hand when she confides in him. It was a very subtle way to show the complexity of his feelings for her. My favourite passage from the book was getting Shanker and Cormoran’s back story. Having seen the TV show first, I felt that it really shone a new light on their relationship.

  14. My favourite moment in Career of Evil was when Strike went to the Scottish Borders town of Melrose. Me and the wife retraced his steps, walking along the High Street checking out all the shops and places mentioned in the book, playing out Strike’s actions as if I was Strike and my wife was Mrs Bunyan. We had a great day out, especially reenacting the pub scene in the Ship Inn and having the same food and drink as Strike and Mrs Bunyan did. Must do more of this.

  15. For me, it has to be the moment when Strike asks Shanker to drive him up to Yorkshire. It’s the first real action he takes and, possibly, the first time he admits to himself how much Robin means to him.

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