Abigail Glover

Abigail Glover (nee Wace) is the daughter of Jonathan Wace, leader of the Universal Humanitarian Church, and Jennifer Wace. Her mother drowned off Cromer beach in 1988. Abigail is now estranged from her father after leaving the UHC when she was sixteen. When Strike first meets her, she is working as a firefighter and lives in Ealing.

Abigail is described as being tall and striking, with broad shoulders, dark blue eyes and a dimpled chin. She has flawless skin and high cheek bones that could be those of a model. Her lips are fuller than her father’s. Despite being in her mid-thirties, her hair is already grey, which Strike thinks suits her and somehow makes her look younger.

Strike first meets Abigail in chapter 28 in The Forester pub, Ealing.

One of Abigail’s associates, Barry ‘Baz’ Saxon, comes to Strike’s office to talk to him about Abigail. Strike believes Baz is after revenge by telling Strike what Abigail failed to tell him regarding her time in the UHC. Abigail very much likes the company of men and is described as promiscuous.

Strike meets her again toward the end of the book to ask her about her time at the UHC’s centre in Birmingham.