A Day of Filming in Masham (Part 3)

I was determined to meet Holliday “Holly” Grainger, who plays Robin Ellacott. Worried that I’d miss her if she came out of the church and straight into a car, I decided to go into the churchyard to wait for her to come out. I suspected the reason that she was in the church for so long was that she was getting out of the wedding dress and into her casual clothes.

Some of the upper church windows were covered with large black sheets; the lower windows had large lights shining through them to make it seem as though it was sunny outside. I was surprised to see how much equipment they needed for filming; half of the stuff I didn’t have a clue what was for.

A few actors walked past me in their suits. One of the Burketeers asked me to approach them and I didn’t understand why, until I realised one of the three men was the actor who is playing Matthew Cunliffe, Kerr Logan. I stopped him as he was walking off.

“Excuse me? You’re playing Matthew, aren’t you?” I asked him nervously. When he replied “yes,” I asked him if I could have a photo taken with him. Since he’s playing my most unfavourite character, I had to refrain from punching him. HAHA.

Unfortunately, I forgot to ask Kerr to sign my book, a mistake I was determined not to make if I got the chance to meet Holly.

We waited outside the church a little longer until finally a short woman with red-golden hair came out of the church. She was wearing baggy turquoise clothes. I approached her and asked if I could have a photo taken. I was shaking the whole time. She was so beautiful. She was also very nice and sweet and had the most amazing smile.   

After Holly signed my copy of Career of Evil, she hurried off for her lunch. I felt like I was in a dream. In a sense, the characters I have loved for so long had been standing beside me. The whole experience was a blur. 

Later, I asked a man at the church door if I could have a look inside, and he let me in. He wouldn’t let me take photos of the actual set, with the long wooden benches decorated for the wedding, but I got a couple of photos I wanted: one of the crab on the wall (mentioned in the Silkworm) and also one of the stained-glass window.

The whole church looked amazing. Along with the wedding decorations, there were smoke machines that formed beams of light from through the church windows, giving the scene a more dramatic look. I wish I could have taken photos, but I guess you’ll see it for yourself in the final episode of Career of Evil.

The Burketeers got something to eat while I went off to the Bay Horse, the pub that Robin’s brothers go to in The Silkworm. I had a pint of Black Sheep, just like Robin’s brothers, took some photos, and then returned to the café where the Burketeers were having their lunch. I soon set off back home.

It would be difficult to top a day like this, and I feel so lucky to have been able to meet Cormoran, Robin and Matthew (I’m still surprised I didn’t punch him), along with some amazing people who call themselves the Burketeers.

The Strike Series will air later this year on BBC One and HBO, with a total of 7 episodes. It will be very interesting to watch scenes I actually saw being filmed. I hope everyone is looking forward to the television series as much as I am.

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  1. Thank you so much for posting these 3 entries and letting us experience some of your wonderful day in Masham. I’m very much looking forward to seeing the TV series (it will mean buying an HBO account–but I will definitely be doing that to see it). Also, very much looking to read the long-anticipated 4th CS book! [I’m predicting JKR will announce the 4th book finished in March and to be published in September–but just my prediction). I have no fear that both the series and the book will be spectacular!

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