The Silkworm Quiz

The Silkworm Quiz

Where does Jerry Waldegrave live?

When is Cormoran Strike's birthday?

Where does Strike interview Jerry Waldegrave?

Where did Owen Quine and Liz Tassel have their public row?

What does Strike get Timothy Anstis for Christmas?

What pub do Strike and Robin go to on Strike's birthday?

In Bombyx Mori, who is Daniel Chard?

Where does Strike meet Dominic Culpepper in the opening chapter?

What is the name of the church in Masham?

What is the name of the pub on the same road as the Quines' house?

In Bombyx Mori, who is Elizabeth Tassel?

To end the interview with Michael Fancourt, Strike quotes which poet?

Where is Daniel Chard's second home?

Who is the Met detective on the Owen Quine case?

Who does Strike meet in the Ye Olde Cheshire Cheese?

Where does Richard Anstis live?

Which of these is not an Owen Quine novel?

Who retrieves the typewriter from the sea?

What is the name of Richard Anstis' wife?

Where is Owen Quine's killer revealed?

What is Dave Polworth's nickname for Strike?

What is Robin Ellacott's middle name?

When is Robin Ellacott's birthday?

What does Strike get Robin for Christmas at the end of the book?

Where does Strike tell Robin to "cheer the fuck up and eat your burger"?

What breed of dog does Elizabeth Tassel own?

Which of these characters is not in The Silkworm?

Where does Strike first meet Matthew Cunliffe?

What beer does Strike drink in The Cambridge?

Strike passes the Beatles Coffee Shop at which Tube station?

What is Matthew Cunliffe's middle name?

'They wouldn't use "menu", you see, because it was French.'

Which restaurant calls their menu a "bill of fare"?

What food does Strike order in The Cambridge?

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