Jason is a sufferer of Body Identity Integrity Disorder (BIID) who Robin meets online at a support site. He had previously met murder victim Kelsey Platt in real life, so Robin convinces him to join her and Strike for an interview at Gallery Mess. Gaining Jason’s trust and convincing him to talk to them is a huge feat for Robin, since Jason had previously lied to the police about his acquaintance with Kelsey. He was afraid that his BIID issues would be made known, so he didn’t want to be involved in the murder case. 

Jason is nineteen years old and from Leeds. He is convinced that Strike had his leg removed on purpose and is desperate to meet him. He is terribly shy, especially around Strike. Jason is described as “a stringy youth with a long nose who wore a maroon hoodie and jeans and looked as though he might take flight at the slightest provocation…. He resembled a scruffy heron.”

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