Career of Evil Quiz

Welcome to the Career of Evil Quiz!


1. Who's hair was Sarah Shadlock admiring?
2. What motorbike did the killer use to deliver the package?
3. What was suspect Noel Brockbank doing in the army?
4. What was Leda Strike's favourite Blue Oyster Cult song?
5. What is Cormoran Strike's middle name?
6. What SIB friend gives Strike access to information on Laing and Brockbank in Edinburgh Castle?
7. Where was Donald Laing originally from?
8. What album was the "soundtrack to Strike's GCSE year"?
9. What is the name of Eric Wardle's wife?
10. Where did Strike meet Wardle and his wife?
11. What is the nickname given to the stripper on Tottenham Court Road?
12. Where does Elin take Strike for dinner at the end of the book?
13. Which of the three suspects lives in Elephant & Castle?
14. What is the name of Leda and Whittaker's son?
15. What hotel does Strike take Robin to after she gets drunk in The Tottenham?
16. What is the name of the tea room in Harrogate where Robin and Linda go?
17. What is the name of Noel Brockbank's sister?
18. What radio station does Strike's girlfriend Elin work for?
19. What brand of cigarettes does Strike smoke?
20. What is Shanker's nickname for Strike?
21. Which of the three suspects was living in Corby with Lorraine MacNaughton?
22. What is the name of the Ellacott's chocolate labrador?
23. Which of the three suspects lived on Blondin Street in Bow?
24. What park does Elin's flat overlook?
25. Where did Strike's friends Nick and Ilsa first meet?
26. What area of London do Robin and Matthew live?