Career of Evil Quiz


Career of Evil Quiz

What did Donald Laing do in the military?

What is the name of Leda and Whittaker's son?

"A harvest of life, a harvest of death" is a lyric from which Blue Oyster Cult song?

What is the name of the Ellacotts' labrador?

Where does Strike take Robin after she gets drunk in the Tottenham?

Which park does Elin's flat overlook?

Which suspect lived in Market Harborough?

What Blue Oyster Cult song title was tattooed on Leda Strike?

Which suspect lived on Wollaston Close?

Who wins £500 in a Grand National bet?

Which suspect is from Melrose, Scotland?

Where does Elin take Strike for dinner at the end of the book?

Where does Robin talk to Holly Brockbank?

Who lived with Lorraine McNaughton in Corby?

What was the name of Robin's pony?

What is the name of Eric Wardle's wife?

What is Jeff Whittaker's band name?

Where do Strike and Robin meet Tempest and Jason?

Who gives Strike access to information on Laing and Brockbank in Edinburgh Castle?

What album formed the soundtrack to Strike's GCSE year?

Which suspect lives in Catford?

What is the word for "a strong sexual interest in amputees"?

What is Cormoran Strike's middle name?

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Featured song: ‘Career of Evil‘ by Blue Öyster Cult, lyrics by Patti Smith and Albert Bouchard. Buy the Best of Blue Öyster Cult album here.

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