Valentines Day Quiz (2021)


Valentine's Day Quiz

"Just for a moment, as he pulled himself back inside the Land Rover, Strike wondered where he'd be if he lived to eighty, and who'd be there with him." Strike thinks this when he and Robin are at what pub on his birthday?

How long has Strike "tried not to fancy" Robin?

"The roses, which were for Joan, were also for him: they said, you won't be alone, you have something you've built, and all right, it might not be a family, but there are still people who care about you waiting in London. Strike told himself "people," because there were five names on the card, but he turned away thinking only of Robin." What colour roses did Robin send for Joan?

What is the name of the hotel in Skegness that had kissing swan towels on the bed?

What Joan-inspired name did Ted give his boat?

To whom does Strike first admit that there "may have been moments" where he thought about Robin romantically?

What day did Strike and Robin meet?

Who does Strike think of as the "happiest couple he knows"?

What is Strike eating on his birthday while he thinks this about Robin: "But her physical appeal was less of a threat to his peace of mind than the deep, guilty liking for being, currently, the main man in her life."?

What does Max's new boyfriend do?

What excuse does Strike come up with in order to text Robin in the beginning of Troubled Blood?

Where is Robin when she thinks she sees Strike, causing her to feel "sparks of excitement"?

Vanessa Ekwensi arrives to celebrate Robin's 29th birthday with an engagement ring. What is the name of her new fiancé?

Robin asked Strike to choose between two perfumes for her birthday present; one smelled like musky skin and bruised flowers. What did the other smell like?

Fill in the blank.

When Strike tells Robin about his attempt to buy her perfume, he says, "... so I asked the assistant, but he kept showing me things with names like... I dunno _______."

What song does Robin sing to herself that J.K. Rowling later described as "their song"?

Who was Pat referring to when she said to Robin: "I thought the pair of you were keen on each other!"?

Strike and Robin spend a disastrous evening together on Valentine's Day with Max, Robin's brother Jonathan and his friends. What does Max make for dessert?

Who was Robin going to meet when she first wore the blue dress that Strike thought of as "particularly sexy"?

What does Strike get the impulse to buy for Robin in Skegness?

What is the name of Max's ex-boyfriend?

How many years separate Roy and Cynthia Phipps?

Where are Strike and Robin eating when he realizes he's "happier than he'd been in months..."?

What is the first gift Strike ever bought Robin?

What animal does Strike remind Robin of when she sees him in the Notes Cafe and feels a "wave of liking" for the way he looks?

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