Troubled Blood Quiz


Troubled Blood Quiz

Where do Strike and Robin meet in Falmouth?

What does Saul Morris get Robin for her birthday?

Who manages to get hold of a vintage film projector?

Where did Dave Polworth live before moving back to St. Mawes?

Who worked at Butlin's holiday camp?

Where was Cormoran Strike born?

What stuffed animal can be found in the Palacio Lounge?

What does Strike drink at The Three Kings pub?

Who lives in Skegness?

What is Robin's star sign?

Where does Robin interviews Paul Satchwell?

Where did Strike take Jack for a day trip?

Where does Robin live in Troubled Blood?

What perfume did Margot Bamborough wear?

What is the name of Max Priestwood's dog?

What is the name of the pub where Margot was supposed to have been meeting her friend?

Who is Robin Ellacott's live-in landlord?

Where do the Deadbeats celebrate the launch of their new album?

Is Luke an arsehole or a prick?

How many gravestones are in the churchyard in Leamington Spa?

Which character is an Aries?

Who did Bill Talbot think was Baphomet?

What does Strike get Robin for her 29th birthday?

What pub did Strike and Robin go to on Halloween?

Which of these is not one of Dennis Creed's victims?

On what street was the St. John's Medical Practice?

Who does Strike meet in The Feathers?

Where was Aleister Crowley born?

What is Cormoran Strike's star sign?

Who works at Hampton Court Palace as a tour guide?

When is the release date for the Deadbeats' surprise new album?

What perfume does Strike buy Robin for her 30th birthday?

Who became Prime Minister on 11th October 1974??

Who was the cleaner at the St. John's Medical Practice?

Which character was a Pisces?

In what year did Margot Bamborough go missing?

What does Dinnesh Gupta eat while Strike is interviewing him?

What fruit does Janice Beattie offer Strike?

What blood disorder does Roy Phipps have?

On what date did Margot Bamborough disappear?

Who was the nurse at the St. John's Medical Practice?

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