The Silkworm TV Locations


Oxford Gardens

The location used for the Quines’ residence is a house on the corner of Oxford Gardens and St Mark’s Road in Ladbroke Grove, London. Both the house’s exterior and interior were used for filming.

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Goldsboro Books

Robin is shown entering this bookshop, which is located near Leicester Square, to buy an Owen Quine novel. More information on this location here

15 The Butts, Brentford

The location used as Andrew Fancourt’s house.

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The location appears in three scenes:

Scene one: Liz Tassel arrives at Fancourt’s door asking if he’s read Bombyx Mori.

Scene two: Robin and Strike try to find out if Fancourt has buried something in his garden. Strike injures himself when he falls from the garden fence.

Scene three: Robin watches Fancourt and follows him as he leaves his house.

St Martin’s News, St Martin’s Lane

Strike is shown walking west along New Row in Covent Garden. 

He spots a magazine with Charlotte on the cover and goes into this newsagent to buy it.


The Hope & Anchor

Robin and Matthew meet Strike for a drink in a scene shot in this (now closed) pub in Hammersmith. There is more information on this location here.

Penhurst Place

The Bombyx Mori scenes were filmed at Penhurst Place in Kent. There is more information about this location here.

Dalston Kingsland High Street

Strike walks down this street talking to Robin on the phone. He tells her he’s on the way to Talgarth Road.

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Talgarth Road

The scenes set in Talgarth Road in the books were filmed at the real Talgarth Road in West London. More information about this location here.

Titanium Garden, Sevenoaks, Kent

The location used for Daniel Chard’s house.

Robin and Strike visit Daniel Chard, CEO of Roper Chard Publishing, in his extraordinary stylish house to get information about the Bombyx Mori manuscript. 

There are pictures of the house on the jjmedia web site here.

Porcupine Pantry, Penshurst Place, Kent

Strike and Robin are shown having a conversation about Robin’s job in a cafe. In the book, this scene takes place at the Burger King in Tiverton services. This scene was shot in the cafe of Penshurst Place in Kent, the venue used for the Bombyx Mori scenes. You can find their website here.

Kings Cross Station

Robin is just in time to catch her train from Kings Cross; she is forced to abandon Strike in the hire car outside the station. More information can be found here.


Denmark Street

The real Denmark Street is used to film exterior shots for the series. There’s more information on Denmark Street hereAs with the previous series, interior shots of the office and Strike’s flat were filmed in a studio.

HMP Brixton

HMP Brixton was used as the location for Tollington Fields prison, where Leonora Quine is held.

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Frith Street

A location for one of Strike’s evening cigarettes on his way back from dinner with Nick and Ilsa. The same location was used for his evening cigarette in The Cuckoo’s Calling.

The Weir Bar, Brentford

After Strike hurts himself at Andrew Fancourt’s home, he and Robin walk down the street and celebrate his birthday in the Hawk Gastro Pub. In real life, the pub is called The Weir Bar (24 Marketplace, Brentford) and it’s only used for the exterior in the episode. The interior that was used for filming belongs to the Hope & Anchor pub, the same location used for the first meeting of Strike and Matthew, but with different decoration. 

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The restaurant in which Strike and Liz Tassell have lunch in the book was also used as the location for the television show. You can find out more about this location here

Bunhill Fields Cemetery

Whilst Strike is shown having lunch with Liz Tassell, Robin tails Andrew Fancourt from his house to a nearby cemetery. These scenes were filmed at Bunhill Fields Cemetery near the City of London. You may remember that in The Cuckoo’s Calling show, Evan Duffield tells Robin, “I went and sat on William Blake’s grave last night.” William Blake is buried in Bunhill Fields. More information can be found here.

Carmelite House, 50 Victoria Embankment

The publishing house Hachette (who are JK Rowling’s publishers) served as the venue for the Roper Chard Party. The party took place on the rooftop terrace with its wonderful views over the Thames. The rooftop terrace isn’t open to the public. For more see here.

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81 Deodar Road

Robin and Strike visit Jerry Waldegrave at his house on Deodar Road and obtain information about the manuscript of Bombyx Mori. It’s early in the day, but Strike and Jerry Waldegrave drink some Barolo.

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Thai Square

This restaurant at Putney Bridge is a stand-in for The River Cafe (in the book), where Strike meets his brother Al Rokeby for lunch. Strike interviews one of the waitresses who was a witness to the public row between Owen Quine and Elizabeth Tassel at the restaurant.

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38 Bedford Square

In the book, Strike confronts the killer in the Chelsea Arts Club; in the TV adaption, this house is used in its place.