The Ink Black Heart Quizzes

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PART 1 (Chapters 1 to 18)


The Ink Black Heart Quiz (Part 1)

(Chapters 1 to 18)

Which suspect is a YouTuber?

Where does Strike meet Madeline for their sixth date (chapter 8)?

Who keeps telling Robin to get Tinder?

Who's the girl who had an affair with Evan Duffield?

Which beer out of Madeline's fridge does Strike choose?

What is the name of Max's new boyfriend?

Where is Madeline's flagship jewellery store?

Which of these places does Robin NOT view a flat?

Who did Edie Ledwell think Anomie was?

For Strike's 40th birthday, what Tom Waits album does Robin buy for him?

Where do Strike and Robin first meet Allan Yeoman?

Where does Strike first meet Madeline?

What type of therapist is Prudence Donleavy?

Where does Robin go during New Year?

Who is the soldier that Wally Cardew reminds Strike of?

Which The Ink Black Heart cartoon character says "Play the game, bwah"?

What is the number of Anomie's rule that means no one in Drek's Game can share personal details?

What is the name of the magazine Michael Ellacott is an editor for?

Who is Edie Ledwell's agent?

Where does Madeline live?

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PART 2 (Chapters 19 to 33)


The Ink Black Heart Quiz (Part 2)

(Chapters 19 to 33)

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Which YouTube video got Wally Cardew sacked from The Ink Black Heart cartoon?

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Kea Niven says she told Josh Blay about who's heart exploding and hitting the wall?

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Around how many followers does Anomie have on Twitter?

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Immediately after their meeting at the Arts Club, what pub do Strike and Robin have a "debrief"?

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In Kea Niven's YouTube video, what band's album cover is on her t-shirt?

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How old is Josh Blay?

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Strike and Barclay follow Montgomery and Cardew to which pub?

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Strike follows Montgomery from Newman Street to which Underground station?

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Which Ink Black Heart character does Nils say Bram loves?

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Strike's nephew Jack writes a school project on what battle?

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What perfume does Charlotte Campbell wear?

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Who calls Strike "Sherlock Big Cock"?

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On Robin's way back from Bob Bob Ricard, which song plays in the taxi?

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Which road does Katya Upcott live on?

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What breed of dog is outside the Red Lion and Sun?

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Where is Fingers' flat?

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Where does Strike ask Dev Shah to help investigate Jago Ross?

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Which restaurant has the "Push for Champagne" buttons on the tables?

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PART 3 (Chapters 34 to 45)


The Ink Black Heart Quiz (Part 3)

(Chapters 34 to 45)

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What are the middle names of Jago Ross?

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What username does Robin use to log into Drek's Game?

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What does Robin have to drink in The Flask?

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Who did the voices for Lord and Lady Wyrdy-Grob?

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Who does Strike meet in Gerrard's Corner?

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Who wrote Aurora Leigh?

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Where does Robin interview Tim Ashcroft?

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Where does Strike punch the man nicknamed Thurisaz?

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What pseudonym does Robin use when undercover at North Grove?

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How old is Preston Pierce?

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Who wears the T-shirt with the words "BLONDIE IS A BAND"?

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Who does Strike re-hire to help out at the agency?

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What condition does Inigo Upcott have?

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Where does Strike interview Phillip Ormond?

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Who did the voice for Magspie in the cartoon?

16 / 20

Who lives on Lismore Circus estate?

17 / 20

Who runs the art class at the North Grove Art Collective?

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Which of these books is not on Nils' bookshelf?

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Where does Yasmin Weatherhead live?

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Where is Zoe Haigh from?




The Ink Black Heart Quiz (Part 4)

(Chapters 46 to 67)

Who first suspects Tim Aschcroft as being the Pen of Justice?

Which Drek's Game user confronts Anomie after Red Soles is pushed onto the tracks?

What Tube line takes Strike and Robin to the ExCeL building?

Who does Robin tail to Fischer's restaurant?

Who does Strike text that his leg "hasn't grown back yet"?

In what pub does Strike interview Kea Niven?

Who told Charlotte about Sylvie falling off a climbing wall?

On meeting for an "update", what do both Strike and Grant Ledwell order to eat?

Where does Kea Niven live with her mother?

What is the name of the chippy near Robin's new flat?

Who is a regular in The Botanist?

Near which grave in Highgate Cemetery were Josh and Edie going to meet the night of the murder?

Pez has a tattoo of a line from which Beatles song?

What colour lightsaber does Strike buy?

Who wrote 'In Nunhead Cemetery'?

Which pub has a view of the Millenium Dome?

What perfume does Charlotte wear?

Where does Robin interview Yasmin Weatherhead?

According to Josh Blay, who was the only other person to know that he was meeting Edie in Highgate Cemetery?

What is the name of the Ottoman restaurant that Madeline books for her and Strike?



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