Saul Morris

Saul Morris is the agency’s newest subcontractor.1 An ex police-officer2, Morris is a “desirable hire” with good contacts in the force3, but there’s something about him that sets Robin’s “teeth on edge” 4. For Strike, there’s something about him “that denoted a slipperiness Strike couldn’t like.” 5 Morris is “undeniably handsome,” with black hair and bright blue eyes.6

Throughout the book, Morris displays an overt sexual interest in Robin while also disrespecting her authority and making it clear behind her back that he doesn’t like taking orders from her.7 

“Morris, Robin thought, as she headed toward the Tube, didn’t actually like women. He desired them, but that, of course, was an entirely different matter.” 8

At one point, Robin observes that Morris’ “calling himself a dickhead was the most likable thing she’d ever known Morris do.”

Robin doesn’t share with Strike just how much she dislikes Morris because she doesn’t want to add to her partner’s worries and wants to make the team run smoothly. However, Strike picks up on Morris’ interest in Robin and can’t help but worry about what might be going on between them.10


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