Music of The Ink Black Heart

Here is all the music featured or mentioned in The Ink Black Heart.

Closing Time album by Tom Waits – In chapter 2, it’s mentioned that Robin gifts Strike a rare test pressing of this album for his 40th birthday.

Uptown Funk” by Mark Ronson ft Bruno Mars – In chapter 3, this song plays in Annabel’s on New Year’s Eve when Strike and Midge are conducting surveillance on Legs.

Rather Be” by Clean Bandit ft Jess Glynn – In chapter 3, this song plays in Annabel’s as Strike and Madeline are chatting just before the New Year countdown.

Auld Lang Syne” – Plays after the New Year’s 2015 countdown. Strike and Madeline kiss.

Ebony and Ivory” by Stevie Wonder and Paul McCartney – In chapter 19, this song is mentioned by Wally Cardew in the YouTube video Strike watches at Madeline’s house.

Angles album by The Strokes – In chapter 24, Robin recognises this blue, pink and yellow album cover on Kea Niven’s T-shirt in a YouTube video she makes to criticise Edie for copying her ideas.

Angles – The Strokes

My Heart Will Go On” by Celine Dion – In chapter 24, Robin calls Allan Yeoman and is put on hold. The instrumental version of this song plays on the phone while she waits.

An instrumental version:

The original version:

Wherever You Will Go” by The Calling – In chapter 30, this song plays in the taxi on Robin’s way home from Bob Bob Ricard’s, just as she’s thinking about Matthew and Strike.

The Show Must Go On” by Queen – In chapter 33, when Strike and Robin are at the Upcotts’ house talking to Katya, Inigo appears through electric doors with this song playing from the room behind him.

I’m Going Slightly Mad” by Queen – In chapter 33, this song plays while Strike and Robin are talking to Katya and Inigo Upcott.

Is This It” by The Strokes – In chapter 40, Robin learns from Zoe that Josh Blay played this song over and over after breaking up with Edie.

Heart in a Cage” by The Strokes – In chapter 44, Robin mentions to Strike how Anomie tweeted lyrics from this song, and suggests that it looks like Kea Niven. The lyrics Anomie tweeted: “I don’t want what you want…. I’m stuck in a fucking cage.”

Hard Day’s Night album by The Beatles – In chapter 67, Pez tells Robin that he and Nils had an argument about The Beatles, about which album’s only got songs by McCartney and Lennon. Pez tells Robin that he was right and that is was Hard Day’s Night.

Strawberry Fields Forever” by The Beatles – In chapter 67, Pez tells Robin that the tattoo around his neck is lyrics from “Strawberry Fields Forever.” The tattoo says, “It’s getting hard to be someone, But it all works out, It doesn’t matter much to me.”

Robin asks if it does matter much to him. Pez replies “not much.”

The Road to Valhalla” by Skrewdriver – In Chapter 89, Strike and Robin are at New Scotland Yard listening to an audio recording of Wally Cardew. In the recording, Cardew sings this song. DCI Ryan Murphy pauses the recording and tells them this is a popular song at Odinist retreats.