Fans have long been curious about the names of Strike’s other two nephews. Troubled Blood finally introduces us to Jack’s brothers: Luke and Adam. 

Luke is the eldest of Lucy and Greg’s three sons and, in Strike’s words, he’s a “complete areshole.” We don’t know Luke’s exact age, but he is older than Jack, which would put him possibly in his early teens and is described as having a “freckled face.” Troubled Blood, Chapter 4 

Strike’s time spent with his family in Cornwall is hampered by Luke’s antics of loudly waking Strike up at the crack of dawn, breaking Strike’s new headphones and even running off with his leg when Strike badly needed to pee. Luke seems to find particular joy in tattling on Strike to Aunt Joan and often causes trouble with the other kids. Later in the book, Strike tells Luke off for trying to throw food at Dave Polworth’s daughters: 

“‘OI,’ bellowed Strike. “‘NO!’

Luke’s face fell.

‘They started it,’  he said, turning to show Strike a white smear down the back of his black suit jacket…

‘And I’m finishing it,’ said Strike’” Troubled Blood, Chapter 48


Strike tells Robin that Lucy wants him to treat his three nephews equally by bringing them all presents and taking them all out on outings. 

“‘But fine, she wants me to buy the other two presents,’ and he framed a square in mid-air with his hands. “‘Try Not Being a Little Shit.’ I’ll get that made up as a plaque for Luke’s bedroom wall.’” Troubled Blood, Chapter 7