Jules Bayliss

Jules Bayliss was the husband of Wilma Bayliss, the St John’s cleaner (later turned social worker) at the time of Margot’s disappearance. Dr. Gupta tells Strike that he remembers Jules was “something of a bad lot” and believes that Margot was encouraging Wilma to divorce him.1 

Strike finds old newspaper clippings that explain why Dr. Gupta had that impression: 

“Rapist Jailed

Jules Bayliss, 36, of Leather Lane, Clerkenwell was today sentenced at the Inner London Crown Court to 5 years’ jail for 2 counts of rape. Bayliss, who previously served two years in Brixton for aggravated assault, pleaded Not Guilty.” 2 

The Bayliss’ eldest daughter, Eden, believes in her father’s innocence and explains to Strike and Robin that her father had been set up. 

“‘He didn’t, OK?’ said Eden, watching Robin. ‘He had a white girlfriend for a couple of months. The whole of Clerkenwell knew. They’d been seen together in bars all over the place. He tried to end it, and she cried rape.’” 3 

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