Judith Cobbs

Robin’s divorce attorney, Judith Cobbs, is a woman in her late forties who is described as having a “dry humour, spiky gray hair and thick black-rimmed glasses.” The initial fondness Robin felt for Judith begins to fade during the divorce process. Judith is the bearer of bad news from Matthew’s lawyer, and Robin feels like Judith doesn’t devote enough care to her case and often doesn’t remember the details during their meetings. 

Even though Robin is extremely hesitant, Judith finally gets Robin to agree to mediation with Matthew and his lawyer. 

“‘I suppose I’ll get a chance to tell Matthew he’s a total shit, at least,’ said Robin, on a sudden wave of fury.

Judith gave a small laugh.

“‘Oh, I wouldn’t advise that,’ she said.” 

The offices of Stirling and Cobbs are on North End Road, a twenty-minute walk from Robin’s flat on Earl’s Court. 

Troubled Blood, Chapter 18