Strike stands outside of Hamleys after having bought Christmas presents for his nephews. 

“Strike stood beneath the awning of Hamleys on Regent Street, shopping bags at his feet…” Troubled Blood, Chapter 27

“The bulky bags he was carrying contained three identical Nerf blasters for his nephews; large plastic guns which shot foam bullets, which Strike had decided to buy on the dual grounds that he would have loved one when he was eleven, and the assistant had assured him they were on of the must-have gifts of the year.” Troubled Blood, Chapter 27

Google Maps
Google Maps

Check out this list of Nerf guns released in 2013 here. Notice all the ‘strike’ related names like the one pictured below, the RapidStrike. 



Visit the Hamleys website here!

From here, Strike walks to Liberty where he attempts to find perfume for Robin and then to the Shakespeare’s Head where he meets up with Shanker. 

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