Goathland Station

“I’m not going home. Not really.” – Harry Potter

Goathland 1

Goathland Station served as the filming location for Hogsmede Station in Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone. Filming of the movie began on 29 September 2000 at Leavesdon Film Studios. Principle photography took place at Goathland a few days later, on 2 October 2000.

Some of the first scenes with the main cast were shot at Goathland Station. Daniel Radcliffe first tried green contact lenses while shooting here, but had an allergic reaction to them. You can see his eyes are red and watery in the final scene at Hogsmede Station when Hagrid gives Harry the photo album. The watery eyes fit the scene rather well, but that was the last time Daniel Radcliffe had to wear contact lenses.

We first see Goathland Station (or Hogsmede Station) when Harry and Ron first get off the Hogwarts Express. Rubeus Hagrid greets them, and then takes the first years across the lake on rowing boats to Hogwarts for the first time. We then see Goathland Station at the end of the film when the students are boarding the Hogwarts Express to return to King’s Cross Station.

Goathland, near Scarborough, is a small town in North Yorkshire and is surrounded by moors and countryside. The station is on the North York Moors Railway and has two platforms. It is also famous for appearing in the TV series Heartbeat.

Fancy a trip to Hogsmede? You can find Goathland Station on Google Maps here:

The garage from Heartbeat.

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