Gloria Conti

Gloria Conti is a person of great interest to Strike and Robin because she was the last person to see Margot alive.1 The younger of the two receptionists at St John’s Medical Practice, Gloria had become Margot’s protege and according to Dr. Gupta, Margot was like an older sister and mentor to her.2

During their investigation, Strike and Robin hear things about Gloria that pique their interest even further. While Dr. Gupta describes Gloria as a hard worker and a good hire3, Irene Hickson is less than complimentary when she tells Strike and Robin that Gloria had ties to the mob and that her brothers were local drug dealers.4

These rumors, along with the fact that Gloria is so difficult to find, makes her all the more interesting to Strike and Robin. “Agreed, but it makes me even keener to find Gloria. The term ‘person of interest’ fits her pretty accurately.…”5 

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