Franklin Row

Franklin Row (which is actually “Franklins Row” in real life) in Chelsea is the street where Yvette Bristow, lives. Strike goes here to see the elderly lady, despite John Bristow’s reluctance to allow the detective to interview her without his presence. This is at one of the last stages of the Lula Landry investigation toward the end of The Cuckoo’s Calling (Part 4, Chapter 14).

“Franklin Row was an attractive street of more red brick….”

“… here were plane trees, and a great grassy space bordered with railings, in which a throng of primary school children were playing games”

No children were playing on the gloomy day we visited Franklins Row.

“The wall beside the partly glass door, set at the top of four white stone steps, bore an old-fashioned Bakelite panel of doorbells. Strike checked to see that Lady Yvette Bristow’s name was clearly marked beside Flat E.”

Franklin Row is “in the vicinity of the Royal Chelsea Hospital, pale and gracious in the spring sun.”

Royal Hospital Chelsea

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