Fantastic Beasts Quiz (2021)


Fantastic Beasts Quiz

What beast is this?

What is the name of the wizarding school in America?

What Hogwarts House was Newt Scamander in?

Where is the MACUSA headquarters?

What did Gnarlack want as payment for information on the escaped beasts?

Why does Dumbledore send Newt to Paris?

What is Nagini?

What is the name of this beast?

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Where do Newt and Jacob first meet?

What is the name of Newt Scamander’s Bowtruckle?

After thinking Newt is engaged to Leta Lestrange, who does Tina Goldstein start dating?

Which of Newt's beasts bit his assistant Bunty's finger?

What was the purpose of Newt Scamander’s trip to New York?

How long was Grindelwald kept in custody by MACUSA?

What is the name of the magazine where Tina read about Newt's supposed engagement to Leta Lestrange?

In what year was Crimes of Grindelwald set?

Why couldn’t Jacob get a loan for his bakery from the bank?

After Newt's travel documentation is denied, who takes the job of finding and killing Credence?

Newt thinks Tina has eyes just like a ______?

What is the name of the serpentine-like beast that can grow and shrink to fit the available space?

What beast do Newt and Jacob capture in Central Park?

What beast provides the venom which erases the bad memories of New York muggles?

What is Newt Scamander’s Boggart?

The Ministry of Magic agreed to lift Newt's international travel ban on what condition?

What spell does Newt use on Jacob to lift the effects of the love potion?

What Hogwarts House was Leta Lestrange in?

Who is the President of the Magical Congress of the United States of America?

What causes an Obscurus to grow, according to Dumbledore?

In what year did Newt arrive in New York?

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