Corby is a town located north of London in the county of Northamptonshire. Strike and Robin travel there during their road trip to visit Lorrain McNaughton, the ex-girlfriend of Donald Laing, one of the three main suspects in Career of Evil. The town is described as a “sprawl of concrete and brick dominated by a shopping centre. A massive block of council offices, on which aerials bristled like iron moss, dominated the skyline … many of the buildings had a cheerless, utilitarian air.”

Strike and Robin drive by streets like Argyll Street and Montrose Street, and Strike notices a sign for Edinburgh House. As mentioned in the book, Corby used to be called Little Scotland: “in its industrial heyday, Corby had had the largest Scottish population south of the border.”

Strike and Robin arrive at Weldon Road to interview Lorrain McNaughton in her home. Here, they learn more about Laing.

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